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3F Frozen fish diets

  • <B>3F Krill Superba</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY A large shrimp, up to 6cm, high in protein and well suited for the larger fresh water and marine fish. In nature this Shrimp feeds directly on phytoplankton and so is great for most fish.

  • <B>3F Artemia Brine Shrimp Blister</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY Brine Shrimp are a natural source of Carotene, Protein and act as a natural laxative.

    Excellent for colouration and over all health.

    Suitable For:
  • Small to Large Marine Fish
  • Small to Large Freshwater Fish
  • Water Turtles
  • Water Birds
  • AED21.00
  • <B>3F Discus Special Premium Mix</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY 3F Discus Special mix contains both high protein beef heart as well as other natural products : krill, brine shrimp and mysis. Garlic is added to prevent worm diseases.

    Size: 95 g
  • <B>3F Frozen Cockle Meat fishfood</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY Fine cockle for suited for fresh water and marine fish like Cichlid and Discus.
  • <B>3F Frozen Daphnia fishfood</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY An excellent diet for all smaller freshwater fish and some amphibians. Free of parasites, harmful bacteria and foul odor, this frozen diet are an excellent choice when a supplemental higher protein natural food or treat is desirable.
  • <B>3F Frozen Marine Mix Blister</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY Mix of fish meat, krill pacifica, mysis and artemia (brine shrimp) - all well eaten and provide your fish a balanced nutrition.
  • <B>3F Frozen Micro Plankton Coral Food</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY A mixture of zoo and phytoplankton an ideal food for filter feeders,sponges, corals and anemones.
  • <B>3F Frozen Mysis Blister</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY Small fresh water shrimps. Well suited for tropical and marine species. Because of its high nutrition often used for young or recovering fish.

  • <B>3F Frozen Red Plankton Fishfood</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY Contains an omnivorous copepod, Calanus sp. This zooplankton is rich in natural carotenoid pigments that will significantly enhance the color of your marine organisms. Excellent food for your all your fish, corals and invertebrates.

    Suitable for:
  • Cichlids
  • Invertbrates
  • Marine Fish
  • AED21.00
  • <B>3F Frozen Rotifer</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY a natural source of the fatty acids DHA and EPA. Their small size and high digestibility make the rotifers an ideal food for larval fish, zooplankton, coral, and other filter feeders, both freshwater and saltwater.

  • <B>3F Frozen Seaweed Blister</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY Well suited for all grazing fish.

    Suitable for:
  • Yellow Tang
  • African Cichlid
  • Rabbitfish

  • AED21.00
  • <B>3F Invertebrates Frozen Food</B> (95g)
    NO DELIVERY Food for marine invertebrates.

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