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ACANA Dry Cat Food


Protein-rich and carbohydrate-limited - their region inspired cat food are brimming with an matched diversity of free-run poultry, whole wild caught fish or heritage red meats that are raised, fished or ranched in their region and delivered to their kitchens fresh each day!
  • Acana - Pacifica Cat & Kitten (1.8kg)
    Loaded with 100% wild-caught fish, including herring, flounder and pacific hake that are caught off North Vancouver Island.

    Grain-and-potato-free to reduce unwanted carbohydrates, ACANA instead features fruits and vegetables delivered fresh and whole from Canada’s sun-drenched orchards and black prairie soils.
  • Acana - Pacifica Cat (4.5kg)
    Cats are anatomically designed to eat a diet rich in animal protein. Bursting with wild-caught herring, mackerel, flounder, hake, and rockfish in Whole Prey ratios of fish, organs, and bone, ACANA Pacifica naturally delivers the nutrients your cat requires for peak health, nourishing them the way Mother Nature intended.
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