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Here you can find accessories for your aquarium! We have pipettes. coral cutter, fish nets, feeding tray, thermometer, heaters, glue and many other things!
  •  <B>EBI - Black V-Shaped Fishnet</B>
    Multiple sizes
  • <B>EBI - White U-shaped Fishnet</B>
    Multiple sizes
  • <B>EBI - White U-shaped Fishnet</B> (15cm)
    Multiple sizes
  • <B>Trixie - Coarse Fish Net</B>
    Trixie fish coarse net with the handle coated in plastic and has a fine white net is an ideal for catching small fish and other aquatic animals. May also be used for fishing out any loose plant material and for removing baby fish into a safer environment.
  • <B>Trixie - Fish Net</B>
    This small fish tank aquarium net has a twisted, plastic coated wire handle and a fine, white net.

    Available In:
  • 7 × 6 cm 6 AED
  • 10 × 7 cm 7 AED
  • 12 × 10 cm 9 AED
  • 15 × 12 cm 10 AED
  • AED8.00
  • <B>DVH Aquatics - Easy Feed Pipettes</B> (385mm)
    Multi use feeding and cleaning pipette.
  • <B>Trixie - Feeding Rim</B>
    Trixie Ring Feeder's arm adjusts to meet the water surface that provides controlled feeding and reduces the danger of filter obstruction.
    with suction holder to keep in place.
  • <B>Trixie - Hatchery with Net</B>
    The Trixie Net fish Hatchery is perfect for raising young fish and for the separation of ill fish within your aquarium. The Hatchery protects young fish from being eaten by larger fish, allowing them to remain in their own section of your aquarium until they grow big enough to survive alongside larger fish.

    Sick fish can also be separated in the Hatchery, preventing them from being attacked by other fish and coming into direct contact with them.The Hatchery simply fits onto the side of the aquarium with two handles which simply fit over the edge
  • <B>Trixie - Self-adhesive Thermometer</B>
    Trixie self-adhesive stick on aquarium thermometer. Idea for monitoring and controlling the climate conditions in a terrarium. Ideal for gauging the temperature in your aquarium. Suitable use with aquarium, terrarium, vivarium and any sort of pet tank. Also useful in greenhouse, kitchen or around the home to monitor temperature.
  • <B>Trixie - Set of Suction Pads for Internal Filters</B> (12pcs)
    Spare parts, suction pads with 2 clips for internal filters. 12pc set.
  • <B>Trixie Feeding Ring with Sieve</B>
    Trixie Feeding Ring adjusts to meet the water surface that provides controlled feeding and reduces the danger of filter obstruction with suction holder to keep in place.
  • <B>Trixie Fish Hatchery</B> ( 20x10x10cm)
    Trixie Fish Hatchery suitable for viviparous and spawning fish, For spawning and raising young fish in the aquarium, Versatile due to 5 chamber system, Side and bottom vents ensure optimum water circulation, For hooking into normal tank or breeding tank, lid prevents jumping out
  • <B>ATM - Mirage</B>
    ATM - Mirage, the glass and acrylic cleaner guaranteed to do the job while leaving no streaks, repelling dust, water spots, and fingerprints.ATM - Mirage acrylic and glass cleaner offers just that as its non-toxic nature dismisses all worries associated with tank cleaning. Nothing cleans, polishes, and maintains the viewing experience of your aquarium quite like ATM - Mirage.

    ATM - Mirage also leaves a polish that you can see and feel. It’s like HD for your aquarium!
  • <B>Ciano - Digital Display Aquarium Thermometer</B>
    The Ciano Digital Display Aquarium Thermometer Sensor is for CFBIO150 & CFBIO250 Filter and is completely immersible. Has a built in sensor so no sensor wire is required.

    Battery included. Compatible with the CFBIO150 & CFBIO250 Ciano built in filters in Ciano aquariums. Just pushes into the opening on the front of the filter to offer a sleek built in digital thermometer.
  • <B>Dymax - Feeding Tray</B>
    Dymax Feeding Tray is design to restrict feeding area when using float type pellet. This will prevent the leftover fish pellets from flowing into the overflow type filtering chamber causing a blockage in the filtration system.
  • <B>Dymax - Refractometer</B>
    For measuring the concentration of dissolved salt in fluids.
  • <B>EBI - LCD-thermometer</B>
    Thermometer for mounting on the aquarium wall (externally), scale in 1-degree increments- 20 - 32° C
  • <B>EBI - OXYGENIUS-MICRO airtube/ flex.</B> (300mm)
    Air stones Microporous, made of rubber.
  • <B>EBI - White Air Stone 25x25x25mm</B> (1pc)
    Air stones For extra oxygene
  • <B>EBI - White Air stone 30x15x15mm</B> (2pcs)
    Air stones for extra oxygene
  • <B>EBI - White Air Stone 50x25x25mm</B> (1pc)
    Air stones for extra oxygene
  • <B>Eheim Automatic Feeder TWIN</B>
    Eheim Automatic Feeder TWIN is ideal when you are on holiday. You can easily programme the feeding times as well as the amount of food and the fish feeder ventilates the food at precisely the correct doing time into the water. With a simple press of a button “snacks” are also possible at any time.

    Automat with 2 separate chambers for different types of food.
  • <B>Eheim Automatic Feeder</B>
    An Automatic fish feeder is ideal when you are on holiday. You can easily programme the feeding times as well as the amount of food and the fish feeder ventilates the food at precisely the correct doing time into the water. With a simple press of a button “snacks” are also possible at any time.
    AED189.00 170.10
  • <B>Hobby - Safety Base Padding</B> (35x80cm)
    To be placed under the aquarium before filling. Prevents aquarium breakage. Ideal for placing under glass tanks or acrylic tanks on wood or metal surfaces or stand that are not customized for the tank.

  • <B>JBL - LimCollect II</B>
    Chemical-free snail trap
    NEW: 2 small rods can be inserted in 2 positions at the entrance as a variable height delimiter to prevent fish from entering unintentionally.
    Place the trap in the aquarium overnight – wait – remove it full of snails.
  • <B>Juwel - Automatic Feeder</B>
    The JUWEL automatic feeder can be used in any aquarium. Using the right mounting support, it can be fitted particularly simply and quickly to any JUWEL aquarium.
    AED115.50 103.95
  • <B>Red Sea - 225 Micron Aquarium Felt Filter Bags</B>
    225 micron felt filter bags are ideal for regular day to day use and enable a longer period between cleaning. Very effective at trapping particulate matter in the thick wall of the bag.
  • <B>Seachem - Reef Glue</B> (20g)
    Reef Glue is a superior cyanoacrylate gel for gluing and mounting coral frags and colonies to reef rock or plugs. It bonds within seconds and has excellent control, hold and durability characteristics.
  • <B>Theiling Sunrise Computer Timer Control</B>
    2 channel controller for sunrise, sunset and moonlight effects for aquariums.
    AED320.00 272.00
  • Aqua Medic - Angel LED 200 Holder
    The Angel LED 200 Holder offers an additional method by attaching the Angel LED 200 to the rear of the aquarium. The positioning of the LED light is adjustable in both height and depth.
  • Aqua Medic - Aqua Divider (4pcs)
    This Aqua Medic Aqua Divider is a very useful tool to separate animals inside the aquarium or terrarium. You can mount a 4mm glass sheet in the aqua divider into the aquarium or terrarium without using any glue as it will be fastened by the rubber sucker.
  • Aqua Medic - Aqua Grid
    The Aqua Grid from Aqua Medic can be use in many applications in the aquarium itself or within a sump/filter system. It's a versatile plastic grid plug in system, that can be an excellent base for aqua scaping or for your live rock. It can be used on the base of the aquarium, in the filtration systems or for displaying corals on your aquarium.
  • Aqua Medic - Aquaniveau w/ 2 Switches
    This Aqua Medic Aquaniveau is a is an electronic water level controller with an automatic refill system.

    This electronic controller can be used in 2 different modes:
    1. As a top up controller with one or two float switches to control the replacement of evaporated water.
    2. As maximum / minimum contact to control reverse osmosis units, in conjunction with a solenoid valve.
    AED600.00 510.00
  • Aqua Medic - Arctic Breeze
    Aqua Medic Arctic Breeze are high capacity aquarium fans which can easily be fixed at the aquarium frame. It cools the water by evaporative cooling. It has been specifically designed for aquaristic purposes and has been tested by experts. With this unit, you are able to lower the temperature of your aquarium water effectively.
  • Aqua Medic - Coral Holder
    The Aqua Medic Coral Holder is an acrylic base made to hold corals of various shapes and sizes. It opens and closes along a pair of long pegs on one side that fit into a slots on the opposite side and when pushed together it tightens around a particular coral.
  • Aqua Medic - Coral Strap (5pcs)
    The Aqua Medic Coral Strap is used to securely attach soft corals and live rocks. It's an extra wide band with round and thickened edges that do not cut into the corals. For vegetative propagation of the soft corals. Saltwater resistant and PVC-free.
  • Aqua Medic - Easy Line 300
    The reverse osmosis devices of the Easy Line 190 and Easy Line 300 types are compact and have a high yield. They meet the highest requirements in the field of water quality. The fine filter removes the water from contaminants larger than 5 μm. The pre-activated carbon filter removes chlorine from the water to protect the membrane. The module consists of the diaphragm, a pressure tube and a flow regulator. The membrane is the heart of the installation and determines the ultimate water purity. Aqua Medic devices only use the latest generation TFC (Polyamide / Polysulfone) membranes.
  • Aqua Medic - Frag Board
    The Aqua Medic Frag Board can be use as a holding plate for several coral pins. You can place the Frag Board anywhere in your aquarium by using the supplied suction cups. Thereby, the frags can be put in an optimal position for illumination. Thus, optimal growth of the frags can be significantly stimulated.
  • Aqua Medic - Heat Controller Duo (240V/50Hz)
    The Heat Controller Duo from Aqua Medic is a a water-resistant temperature sensor that will help you continuously measure and control the water temperature of your aquarium. It ensures a flow of the under gravel heater and also other heating systems.
    AED270.00 229.50
  • Aqua Medic - Hopstop
    The hopstop prevents the fishes from jumping out of the frameless aquariums without cover. The crystal-clear strips are made of polycarbonate, which does not distort when wet, unlike acrylic glass. The holders made of black ABS which is suitable for glass thicknesses up to 12 mm.
  • Aqua Medic - M-ventil 1/2"
    Solenoid valve to control the flow of tap water. This valve was created with the aim of automating the process of adding evaporated water from the aquarium. In combination with the controller or timer, M-ventil 1/2 "cuts / feeds the water supply and can be used in combination with a reverse osmosis filter or any other tap water filter. The valve is equipped with two internal connectors with a diameter of 1/2 ". Energy consumption - 6W.
  • Aqua Medic - Platinum Line Plus
    The Aqua Medic Platinum Line Plus is a reverse osmosis unit with a 24V safety tension for the desalination of tap water with a daily output of up to 400 litres. With this unit, you can remove the inorganic and organic substances, dissolved in your tap water, to a percentage of about 99% without adding any chemicals. It is equipped with three large 10 "filter housings. These filter housings have an enormous service life due to their size, and the filter cartridges for activated charcoal, fine filter and demineralizer can then be easily replaced.
  • Aqua Medic - Qube Control
    This Qube Control from Aqua Medic is a programmable 2-channel light control (with 0 - 10 V) for Aqua Medic Qube 50 and Qube 50
    AED300.00 255.00
  • Aqua Medic - Refill Depot w/ Lock & Tap (16L)
    This Refill Depot from Aqua Medic is a water station for the Aqua Medic Refill System Pro or other refill system. This canister can hold up to 16L of water that can be used as an osmosis water tank for aquariums. It is also equipped with a classic lock and a tap.
  • Aqua Medic - Rust Protect (100ml)
    Anti-corrosion and care spray for metallic components

    In the case of hinges in aquarium base cabinets with open filter basins, signs of wear and corrosion from spray and condensation can hardly be avoided. If used sufficiently, the protective film applied with Rust Protect prevents moisture from reaching the metal parts, which significantly reduces the risk of corrosion. Rust Protect does not resinify and is sea water resistant.
  • Aqua Medic - T Computer Set
    The Aqua Medic T computer-Set is a highly complete multi-functional temperature controller with a digital temperature sensor. It has function keys with mode of operations that can be set either as a heater or a cooler controller. In the "Heating" program, the current temperature is matched to the setpoint value via a pulse control. The accuracy is 0.1 ° C. In the "Cooling" program, on the other hand, a switching hysteresis of 0.5 ° C is set. The device is operated via the keyboard keypad. The switching capacity is max. 1000 watts for heater and max. 600 watts for cooler.
    AED1,450.00 1,232.50
  • Aqua Medic - Tank Fitting
    The Aqua Medic 25, 32, and 40 Tank Fitting is best suited for connecting aquariums. It's made of ABS for the connection of aquariums to solid PVC piping.
  • Aqua Medic - Trap-Pest
    The Aqua Medic Trap-Pest is an automatic universal trap for crayfish, snails and bristle worms in sea and fresh water. It will help you easily remove unwanted pest from the aquarium.
  • Aqua Medic - Twin Rubber Sucker(3pcs)
    This Twin Rubber Sucker from Aqua Medic will ensure an optimal hold of the fish trap inside the glass of an aquarium. It is made of a high quality flexible material and is suitable and durable for fixing the fish trap inside your aquarium.
  • Aqua Medic - Y-Cable for Aquarius Control
    This Aqua Medic Y-cable allows you to control several AQUA MEDIC Aquarius LED lamps from your Aquarius Control controller.

  • Aqua Medic - Mistral 2000 ECO (240V/50Hz)
    Powerful diaphragm air pumps for aquariums. The Mistral 2000 ECO is made of die-cast aluminum that guarantees long durability and optimal smoothness. It is a special membrane that ensures a long service life with built-in air filter.

    This unit is deal for all air lifter filters, for aeration of aquariums with air stones and for the operation of protein skimmers with ceramic or wood vents.
  • Aqua Medic - Mistral 50 ECO (240V/50Hz)
    Powerful diaphragm air pumps for aquariums. The Mistral 50 ECO is made of plastic that guarantees long durability and optimal smoothness. It is a special membrane that ensures a long service life with built-in air filter.

    This unit is deal for all air lifter filters, for aeration of aquariums with air stones and for the operation of protein skimmers with ceramic or wood vents.
  • Aqua Medic - Pipette 60
    The Aqua Medic aquarium feeding pipette of 60 cm allows you to give your fish and corals precise feeding. Medications can also be dosed selectively. The included dosing tips (2 pcs) can be shortened allowing coarser articles or viscous solutions to be dispensed.
  • Aqua Medic - Refill System 2.0
    Refill System 2.0 is an osmolator with 3 float sensors for efficient and secure filling of evaporated water from the aquarium.
    AED525.00 446.25
  • Aqua Medic - Refill System Easy
    The Refill System Easy from Aqua Medic is an osmolator with an infrared sensor for efficient and secure filling of the evaporated water from the aquarium.

  • Dymax - Nano Co2 Diffuser MD-105
    Dymax Nano CO2 Diffuser, the first innovated design for mini plant aquarium to obtain optimum diffuser of CO2 without any wastage. This diffuser work on the spinning action from the flow of water into the reacting chamber together with the CO2 gas, colliding with the bio ball in order to obtain maximum efficiency of the diffusion.

    Use: Dymax Power Head PH-200
  • Hobby - Aqua Timer Pro
    Timer Switch with Seconds Function 9 turn-on / turn-off times can be programmed. Shortest switching interval 1 second.

    Programming for control daily, on particular days, in blocks of days, only weekdays, or only at weekends.

    Battery to safeguard against loss of date in the event of a power failure. Integrated child lock.
  • Marina - Betta Waste Remover
    Marina Betta Waste Remover makes cleaning up and maintaining your betta aquarium easy and convenient.

    Product Features:
    - Easy to use, simply suck up waste and debris that collects in the gravel at the bottom of your tank.
    - Use it to freshen up the water or to make complete water changes.

    Length : 29 cm.

    Capacity: 30 mL.
  • Seachem -  Coral Crete 57g (Gray)
    Seachem CoralCrete is two-part epoxy putty that can be used to secure coral to rockwork or to fuse together rockwork for more stable foundations in reef aquaria. It has a working time of 5 minutes which allows for plenty of work time while also quickly securing coral or rock. CoralCrete is ideal for working with larger colonies of branching coral, most large polyp coral or adhering plating coral to rockwork. CoralCrete is safe for aquarium inhabitants when used as directed.
  • Seachem - Hang on Tidal Fiilter 35 (UK PLUG)
    Key Features:
    - Reversible filter cover
    - Maintenance alert device
    - Overflow prevention
    - Large-capacity filter basket
    - Aerating return flow
    - FLow regulation
    - Surface skimmer
    - Sub-surface intake
    - Leveling Dial
    - Self-priming pump
    - Self-cleaning impeller
  • Theiling - Fleece Rollermat Compact 1 (Single Roll)
    This 3D high-performance fleece made of PET (40 g/m²) allows a high water throughput with simultaneously high filter sharpness and small pore size.

    It is the ideal fleece for use in aquariums.
  • Theiling - Fleece Rollermat XC Aqua (Set of 3)
    Original replacement fleece rolls set for XC Rollermat.

    - 3 rolls
    - Width about 41 cm
    - Roll diameter about 20 cm
    - Core diameter about 8 cm
    - 45 m run length (aquavlies)
    - 40g / m² quality fleece for fine filtration in aquariums
  • Theiling - River 3000 DC
    Adjustable pump for protein skimmer, with pinwheel
  • Theiling - Rollermat Level Switch
    Spare parts for Roller mat filter
  • Theiling - Rollermat Transformer (230v/50Hz)
    Theiling Rollermat power supply with round socket, without cable
  • Theiling - Rollermat XC Aqua Fleece Filter
    The Theiling Rollermat is an automatic fleece filter for ponds and freshwater aquariums.

    90 x 60 x 70 cm (L x W x H)
  • Theiling - UV-C Protector (55W)
    Water clarifier for freshwater and saltwater aquariums and garden ponds.
  • Trixie - Fishing Net with Telescopic Handle (Pondsized)
    Product Features:
    - Aluminium handle: 1.25–1.94 m
    - Measurements: 41 × 36 cm
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