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Accessories for Dogs

We offer a large variety of the best dog accessories on the market. Either you want to help your dog or help yourself, you will always find the necessary products in our dog accessories category. You have easy access to all of our dog accessories - we stock and deliver straight to your door - We can deliver your favorite dog accesorries free of charge for orders over 100 AED, seven days a week!


Wide Variety of Brands

We sell dog accessories from brands like Alessi, Trixie, Petmate, Kong, Savic, Hunter, Drinkwell, Ruffwear, Simple Solution, Four Paws, Bobby, Rosewood, and many more.

Dog Bowls and Feeders

We stock a large variety of Dog Bows and Feeders. You are welcome to check out or designer dog bowls, everyday dog bowls, functional dog bowls and feeders, dog place mats, and feeding supplies.

Dog Fountains

We offer a big selection of dog fountains , different in shape, size, design, and functionality. Pick the best one for your dog and get free delivery to all UAE  for orders above 100 AED, seven days a week. 

Various Dog Products

Here you will find many miscellaneous dog accessories we currently have. That list includes items like lids for dog food, dog print sofa cushions, dog print laveder hearts, dog rocks, microwave pans for dogs, dog foodbags, biker sets for dogs, dog bow ties, PetSafe products and batteries, protective collars for dogs, and many more.

Dog Waterers, Bottles & Accessories

Here you will be able to find products such as a new dog water dispenser, cleaning kits and brushes for dog fountains, filters for ceramic and plastic dog fountains, fresh and new dog water bottles, biba pet bottles, other fountain replacement parts, and more.

Cleaning Products

Having a dog comes with many responsibilities, keeping your house cleand and fresh being one of them. In this section you will find dog accessories and products that will help you do exactly that. Explore our large selection and choose between pet hair magnets, pet hair and lint removers, pet odor eliminators, strong and powerful pet disinfectants, extreme pet carpet shampoos, extreme stain and odor removers, UV LED spot spotters, flexible buckets, paw plungers, and much more.

Dog Hygiene

We stock everything you need in order to keep your dog's hygiene at its best. Here you will find dispossable dog pads, dog sanitary pants, doggli panties and panty liners, dog washable diapers, dog diapers, and more.

Dog Waste Disposal

Cleaning up after your dog and waste disposal are some of the duties you inherit from day one. Here you can find all related products that can help you with this activity. We have dog poop scoopers, dog dirt bag dispensers, biodegradable dog dirt bags, scented dog dirt bags, dog patch kits, and more.

Dog Pee Pads

The products we have on stock under this section include different types and sizes of dog pee pads.Pick the one you find most suitable for you or contact us about additional information for products we might not have. As always, there is seven days a week free delivery to the UAE for orders above 100 AED.

Dog Repellent

Is your dog causing you problems by chewing, licking, and accessing things it normally should not? Do not hesitate to check out our wide variety of dog repellent products that can help you deal with that problem. We offer dog anti-chew sprays, dog stopper spray, dog training aid, dog repellents, and more.

Dog Safety Accessories

Protecting you dog is an important part of its everyday life. We care about your pet, so we've stocked a large amount of dog safety accessories that can do just that. Check out our dog life vests, dog safety vests, dog barriers, dog car harnesses, dog night light, and more.

Dog Doors

If you have a dog, it is most likely that it cannot open doors by itself. Our soultion for this problem are the dog doors we offer - you can easily install most of them on your door.
Choose from our selection of different shapes and sizes dog doors such as small pet doors, aluminium pet doors, two way pet doors, magnetic pet doors and magnetic collar keys, and more.

Dog Books

Training your dog from the time its still a puppy is crucial. Many dog owners that did not put attention on that found themselves having damaged or ruined floors, furniture and other indoor obejcts, or having to put up and clean after the dog starts marking its territories indoors. This is mainly because of dog's ancestry - they heir the genes of wolves which makes them naturally territorial. We are here to offer a solution to this problem by providing you with a selection of both general, and breed specific dog training books. Our collection of dog books is always expanding, so please contact us if you are looking for a particular book.

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