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ADA - Brighty K (300ml)

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Product no.: 100-510-159
Brighty K is a liquid fertilizer supplying potassium, which tends to be in short supply in the planted aquarium. It is also used for chlorine neutralization at a regular water change
ADA Brighty - K
- Saving time
- Preventing wastage and
- Ensuring correct dosage
- Where precision dosing is required they are essential.
ADA Brighty -K
Brighty K is a potassium-rich formula designed to strengthen plants and increase plant growth.
Unlike nitrogen and phosphorous which are produced in a planted aquarium, potassium tends to be scarce.

Brighty K provides an instant source of potassium to help produce the right balance of nutrients for optimum plant growth and strengthened roots and stems.
In addition to this, regular dosage of Brighty K at water change can neutralize chlorine in tap water.
ADA liquid fertilizers have precision dispenser pumps: every time the precision pump is depressed, exactly 1ml of liquid is released;

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