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Agility Gear


Agility gear supports competitive sports designed to enhance the bond between owner and dog. Our product line includes different kind of agility equipments - activity rings, hurdles, sack tunnels, slalom poles and snack bags. 
  • Trixie Dog Activity - Dog Disc (23cm)
    Bite-proof and non-splinter for dogs that love to play fetch in or around water.

    This Trixie dog disc has been approved by AWI and UFO for their competitions.
    Ashley Whippet and UFO are organisations that run international competitions all over the world. Only discs that meet their high standards are approved for their competitions.

    Product Features:
    - Made of flexible, soft and robust plastic
    - Approved for AWI and UFO tournaments
    - Optimal flight characteristics
    - Bite-proof and non-splinter
    - Trains endurance, reactions and the dog’s speed
    - Developed in co-operation with the Disc Dogging champion Karin Actun

    Incl. booklet with tips and tricks for designing optimal training

  • <B>Trixie - Dog Activity Baggy 2in1 Snack Bag</B>
    Keeps pockets and cloth free of stains and smells from treats. Include dirt bag dispenser (preloaded with 20bags) Multiple features!
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Agility Basic Tunnel (60cm)
    Durable polyester tunnel for dog agility. Allows multiple variations of layout and comes with handy transport/storage bag.
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Agility Dogwalk
    Wooden dog walk ramp with contact zones marked by color. Can take dogs up to 80 kg.
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Agility Hurdle (1pc)
    For an eventful fitness programme the hurdle is a must! Set consists of 2 posts, 1 pole and 2 supports, with handy transport bag.
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Agility Ring
    The next level after the agility hurdle. Easy securing due to Velcro straps. Set consists of 2 posts, 1 ring, 2 crossbars, 4 supports and fixings.

    Size: 115 x ø 3 cm, ø 65 cm
  • Trixie - Magnetic Rattle Tin (22cm)
    This Trixie Magnetic Rattle Tin, is a must have when you're training your dog, especially when treating behavioral problem. The sound of a rattling tin is distinct from the everyday sound your dog hears and would help you get their attention. This is very useful when you want your dog to come back to you even when he is distracted and does not fully concentrate on you. It will also help with giving commands such as, sitting down or staying still. Just be sure to reward your dog and praise him for each section of the exercise.
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