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Over the last four decades. AkvaStabil has produced and sold aquariums, aquarium lightning, aquarium accessories and shop fittings for pets all over the world. Their products are exported to resellers and wholesalers in more than 40 countries. AkbaStabil is part of the Eldorado group - which is one of the Nordic's biggest wholesale companies in the pet industry. 

  • <B>Akvastabil MOVE Aquarium Set - Black</B> (275L)
    Ideal set up for any size of room - Size is also suitalbe for Aquascaping, freshwater or marine set up and the size is even suitalbe for you with no experience and those that just want to add a tank more to collection to try some thing new!
  • <B>Akvastabil MOVE Aquarium Set - White</B> (275L)
    Ideal set up for those that would like to get the nordic design and quality in a centerpiece in any room of the house! Ideal as first set up or for those that want to add a tank for to try off something new. Ideal as freshwater / planted tank, but can with modifications be used for marine too.
  • <B>AkvaStabil - MOVE Marine Aquarium Set Black</B> (720L)
    Perfect as a Marine Aquarium, including LED lighting and sump with media
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