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  • AMIGO - Supra (8L/6.9kg)
    Made from specially dried clay in Denmark, the Amigo Supra is a natural product - no chemical additives cat litter. It has a natural caking and absorption properties, ideally absorbing fluids and unpleasant odors keeping your cat's environment free from bacterial growth.

    The manufacturer has quality certificates from HACCP, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.

    The AMIGO product line has received the prestigious award for the best European pet products "EUROPEAN PET PRODUCT AWARD".

    How to use:
    Pour a layer of 6 cm of sand into the disinfected litter box. during the week throw away only lumpy fragments, supplementing with a new portion of sand. Once you feel there is to many lumpy fragments and its it not locking the odor enough, its time to change the litter completely. Do not throw in the toilet!
  • <B>AMIGO - Futura</B> (8L)
    Chopped wood pellets, ideal as environmental friendly alternative for cat litter. Non-clumping.
  • <B>AMIGO Bianco - Non-clumping</B> (8L/3.50kg)
    Highly absorbent cat litter that is ultra light. White non-clumping cat litter.
  • <B>AMIGO Light - Non-clumping</B> (8L/4.40kg)
    Double active odour control and highly absorbent cat litter. Terracotta coloured non-clumping cat litter.
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