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DubaiPetFood stocks a selected range of dog apparel such as fashion clothing, boots, and functional clothing. Going either for fashion or funcitonality, our dog apparel products are designed to always include both comfort and fashion. Protect your pet from the harmful weather by buying some of our funcional dog apparel. If you care about the way your dog looks like, you would also like to chek our dog clothing section, where you will find dog apparel and accessories. We don't expect your dog to play football, but you might consider covering those little paws with protective dog boots. If you are not sure which product you should choose, or consider something we might not currently have, do not hesitate to either contact us online, or visit us in our physical store.

Let Your Pet Enjoy the Best Dog Apparel

It is important to remember that the earlier you introduce you dog to clothes, the higher the chances are it will stick to them as time passes. Take the time and teach your puppy to accept the clothes. This will save you a ton of work later, as well as it will be easier to protect your dog from harmful weather. For the fashion oriented, getting the right dog apparel means your dog will always look the best in social settings.

Don't Forget the Dog Shoes

It is easily overlooked, however, dog shoes are the most important dog apparel your pet needs in extreme temperatures. Either icy and slippery sidewalks or hot and painful pavement, your dogs will appreciate the shoes that will protect its paws. We understand that every dog has its own specific needs, which is why we are open to suggestions in regards to our dog apparel products. If you are looking for something but cannot seem to find it feel free to contact us, as we are always expanding our selection of dog apparel, clothes, and accessories.

Check out some of the dog apparel that we have in stock:


Dog Clothing

Here you will find dog apparel that will increase your dog's fashion sense. We stock dog t-shirts with unique colors and design, as well as crafted dog bandanas. Our t-shirts are designed each with a specific message - from Beach, Love, and Sun, To Urban, Royal, and Great Britain. Purches a stylish clothing for your furry family member now, and get free same or next day delivery for orders above 100 AED.

Footwear for Dogs

Dog shoes won't only protect your dogs paws from extreme weather but can also help if you have slippery floors. If you have hardwood floors, your pet might have a hard time taking fast turns and stopping rapidly. This, however, can be solved with dog shoes that provide additional grip. Dog shoes also offer additional protection from sharp and dangerous objects - just as human shoes are made for. Getting used to wearing shoes might take some time but eventually the benefits for your puppy will be greater. Keeping your pet stimulated and rewarded throughout the process of adopting its new dog shoes is also important.

Functional Dog Apparel

Keep you furry partner warm and comfortable during any season with our dog apparel. Our selection of dog clothes includes items such as Canine Life Vests, Different Stylish Dog Harnesseses, Dog Cooling Vests, ThunderShirt for Dogs (Dog Anxiety Shirt), and more. Because we are always looking to provide additional value to our customers and their pets, please contact us if you think we should include a new item to our functional dog apparel.

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