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Applaws Wet Dog Food


From the shape of their teeth and movement of their jaw to the length and function of their digestive process - At Applaws they believe that the best diet for dogs is one that contains high levels of meat or animal protein!
  • <B>Applaws - Adult Dog Chicken Breast Tin</B> (156g)
    Complementary dog food for adult dogs made with nothing more than the ingredients listed. This can of premium dog food contains no additives, animal derivatives, by-products or fillers. Should be fed daily along with a complete and balanced dog food diet.

    Each 156g Tin can provide a rich source of health boosting ingredients such as Omega 3 and 6 as well as taurine and arginine.
  • <B>Applaws - Adult Dog Chicken Breast, Beef Liver & Vegetables Tin</B> (156g)
    Applaws Chicken Breast with Beef Liver and Vegetables Tin is a premium complementary dog food made using only the natural ingredients listed on the label. Each tin is low in carbohydrate and is packed with chicken breast, beef liver and tasty vegetables to give that great taste that your dog will love.
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