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Everything you need for your aquarium whether freshwater or saltwater is available together with the expert advice needed. We have a wide range of aquariums, food supplies, decor and other accessories..

We have a lot of aquariums and a lot of fittings

We have a large selection of aquariums. In our shop you can get aquariums in different shapes and sizes. We sell exclusively high quality products and therefore we have also chosen our manufacturers carefully. We have chosen to sell aquariums from AkvaStabil, Ciano, Fluva and some other manufacturers. You can buy a lot of fittings to your aquarium in our shop, for example can you also buy beautiful cabinets and stands for aquariums.
Many of our aquariums are extremely beautiful, and an aquarium will therefore not only serve as a wonderful home for your pets. It will also be a beautiful decor object. It can do a lot for the atmosphere in a room if you add a large and beautiful aquarium that houses exotic fish to that room.

You can find almost any kind of fitting for your aquarium in our shop

It is never enough just to buy an aquarium. You always have to invest in accessories for the aquarium too. In our shop you can find almost every kind of fitting for a aquarium. You can for example find fish food, cleaning equipment, live aquarium plants, pumps, CO2 systems and lighting equipment.
Once you have bought an aquarium for your pets, the great interior work starts, and many find that work both exciting and funny. 
Setting up the aquarium so that both the animals and the spectators will benefit is a difficult, but funny proces. When one organize the aquarium, one should try to organize it in a way, so the pets easily can navigate around in the aquarium. Furthermore should one try to organize it in a way, that makes the aquarium look beautiful for the surroundings.

Always fast and convenient delivery when you order aquatics products in our shop 

If you live in Dubai or Sharjah we can deliver aquatics products the same day you order it or the day after. Abu Dhabi delivery within 48hrs.
We deliver to all 7 Emirates and we deliver 7 days a week. 

Any questions about our aquatics products? 

If you have any questions about some of our aquatics products, our customer service will be delighted to help you answering these. You can get through to them on 04 887 8218 or call toll free on 800 PETSHOP. 
If you’re looking for an aquatics product that we apparently not have in our selection you should be more than welcome to contact us and we promise that we will do everything that we can to procure the product for you. 

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