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  • <B>AVANCAT Classic Ultra</B> (15kg)
    Fine grey bentonite.
  • <B>AVANCAT Classic</B> (15kg)
    Coarse grey bentonite.
  • <B>AVANCAT Compact Sensitive</B> (12L)
    Fine white ultra bentonite. Exceptional clumping cat litter with light scent and 99% dust free.
  • <B>AVANCAT Excellent</B> (12kg)
    The Avancat's Excellent Cat Liter has a very high absorbent capacity due to its micro grained and fast blowing sand. The suction capacity is 4 times its own weight. It is very economical as it uses advanced gray bentonite which is a natural environmentally friendly clay that has a good absorbent property.
  • <B>AVANCAT Fresh - Crystals</B> (4L)
    Avancat Fresh is a super light silica gel antibacterial cat litter that helps reduces and inhibits bacterial growth. It is extremely absorbent and don't need to be changed as often as other types of cat litters.

  • <B>AVANCAT Futura - Clumping</B> (5L)
    Avancat Futura Clumping Cat Litter is 100 % organic cat litter, it is made from vegetable fibres which is granulated into fine grains. It's very lightweight and easy to use as it forms a strong clump when it gets wet.
  • <B>AVANCAT Natura</B> (15L)
    Wood Pellets suitable for both cats, kittens, small pets, birds and reptiles.
  • <B>AVANCAT Delux - Non-clumping</B> (15L)
    Highly absorbent cat litter that is ultra light.
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