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Beaphar Bogena Bird Insect Spray (150ml)

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Product no.: 100-263-002
For cage and aviary birds and pigeons to control vermin.
Instructions for use:
Shake well before use hold the bird firmly and spray for a few seconds at a distance of 25-35 cm. Start at the rear of the bird and work your way towards the head.
Spray against the natural lay of the feathers. Spray only the complete feather-deck (not parts of it) Do not spray the insecticide directly on to the birds head or non feathered parts. To treat the head spray the liquid onto a towel or glove and rub it in over the feathers. Treat all birds with Bogena bird spray each time. Ensure good ventilation during and after treatment.

Repeat if necessary after 14 days.
It is recommended to wear a plastic glove on the hand holding the bird.

Bogena bird insect spray
For cage and aviary Birds and Pigeons to control Vermin.

In the case of blood lice, Mosquitoes and other flying insects treat all the areas of the aviary or cage paying particular care with corners and perches.

  • Do not treat sick or Convalescing birds without advice from your vet.
  • Do not treat birds with young under 3 months or birds with serious skin disorders.

    After treatment remove bathing water as Beaphar bird spray insecticide is active for 2 weeks provided the birds do not take a bath.

    Keep out of reach of children.
    Do NOT spray near food, drink or animal feed.
    Wash hands after use.
    Do not breathe spray mist.
    Use only in well ventilated spaces.
    Toxic to aquatic life and bees.

    Bogena bird spray by Beaphar contains: Permethrin 5g/l
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