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Beaphar - Indoor Behavior Spray for CAT (125ml)

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Product no.: 100-128-002
Aids in stopping unwanted scratching.

Ideally training is also needed for stopping unwanted behavior and rewarding good behavior, but this product can support you in the training.
Directions for use:
Apply the spray to the objects (from 15-20cm distance) that you wish to protect and repeat this action every other day until your cat avoids that treated area.

Note: Do not spray on plants, bushes etc. and only use in well-ventilated areas. Do NOT spray in animals! It may cause stains and allergic reaction (contains perfume and natural extracts)

Beaphar Keep Off - Cat Repellent
There may be areas in your house where you would like to keep cats away, and Beaphar Keep Off Spray provides a fast and sustainable solution to this problem. It works by giving of a scent that cats find unpleasant, but the contents are not harmful to either cats or humans.
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