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  • AMIGO - Futura (8L)
    Chopped wood pellets, ideal as environmental friendly alternative for cat litter. Non-clumping.
    AED25.00 21.25
  • AVANCAT Natura (15L)
    Wood pellets suitable for both cats, kittens, small pets, birds and reptiles.
    AED49.00 41.65
  • Padovan - Sanipet (10L)
    Environmental friendly litter based on maize cob granule with a light scent of lemon. Excellent litter for small animals, particularly for birds, rodents in all sizes and ferrets.
    AED54.50 49.05
  • Padovan - Woody Pellets (10L)
    Approx 4.5 kilo Wooden pellets is a non-clumping and biodegradable litter choice for the litter box and as birdcage substrate. Do not stick to fur, paws or the animals food.
    AED46.00 41.40
  • <B>PremiumSpan Bedding - Natural</B>
    Quality wood shavings produced in Germany. Ideal bedding for rodents. Low in dust, suitable for animals with fragile respiratory system.

    Available in:
  • <B>Trixie - Wooly Hamster Bedding</B> (20g)
    Trixie - Wooly Hamster Bedding is a nesting material that's digestible and consists of absorbent, fluffy cotton fibres. Your pet will love moving our puff bedding around to construct a nest of their own.

    Size: 20 g
    AED7.00 5.95
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