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Bedding & Sand

  • <B>AMIGO - Futura</B> (8L)
    Chopped wood pellets, ideal as environmental friendly alternative for cat litter. Non-clumping.
  • <B>AVANCAT Natura</B> (15L)
    Wood pellets suitable for both cats, kittens, small pets, birds and reptiles.
  • <B>Padovan - Sanipet</B> (10L)
    Environmental friendly litter based on maize cob granule with a light scent of lemon. Excellent litter for small animals, particularly for birds, rodents in all sizes and ferrets.
  •  <B>Padovan - Woody Pellets</B> (10L)
    Approx 4.5 kilo Wooden pellets is a non-clumping and biodegradable litter choice for the litter box and as birdcage substrate. Do not stick to fur, paws or the animals food.
  • <B>LindoCip</B> (1kg)
    Special hygienic litter for birds, containing crushed shells (help digestion, and egg shell forming)

  • <B>Trixie - Coco Fibers Nesting Material</B> (30g)
    These Trixie Coco fibers are usable as nest building material for birds, hamsters, mice and other small pets.
  • Akvastabil - Birds Sand (3L)
    When birds eat their seeds, they must first crush the hard shell, so that they can reach the soft and nutritious core. Some birds, on the other hand, have trouble crushing them. This Bird Sand from Akvastabil will provide your pets the help they need to crush the seeds.

    This sand is made of the very best quality, it's dried in the oven and does not contain any harmful bacteria. It has charcoal that pulls heavy metals and other waste materials out of the intestines, thus keeping your birds intestines healthy. It also contains beach shells which are a source of lime. Lime is essential for our birds as it strengthens joints and muscles. This is especially important for female birds as they need lime to form eggshells.

    Beach shells are an important ingredient in bird sand, an ingredient that dissolves even inside the body and prevents the birds from being filled with shells.

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