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We stock dog beds of many different types. You can buy Dog Baskets, Dog Cushions, Pillows for Dogs, Sofas and much more. Our range of Dog Beds expands all the time, we strive to be able to provide the best dog beds for you and your dog.

Not sure which Dog bed to acquire? Contact our customer service or visit our outlet store to get the help you need, we are happy to assist you, we know much about dog beds and we love pets. If you visit our store, you can feel the dog bed before buying.

Danish Designed Dog Beds

We brought the best Dog Beds from Denmark. Get the luxury deluxe slumber for your dog. The Danish designed Dog beds is perfectly fitted, and provides a snug and comfortable experience for your dog. We know only the best is good enough for our pets. You can get the Danish Designed dog beds in different colours and materials. All high quality dog beds.

Trixie Dog beds

Trixie is a popular brand amongst dog owners globally. We are stocking dog beds from Trixie. You can buy Trixie Dog Beds online and get it delivered to all 7 emirates. If your order exceeds 100 AED we will ship free of charge. You can order the Trixie Dog bed all 7 days and we will ship the same day.

Dog baskets

The traditional, most used type of dog bed. You have three, often higher walls, and a lower wall for the dog to enter the dog bed. We have a wide selection of traditional dog baskets.

Your dog will love its new basket, your dogs own home at home.

Dog cushions

A dog cushion is easily used for travel and provide more support than a plaid or blanket. Dog cushions comes in a wide array of colours, sizes and softness. Make sure to contact us before buying your dog cushion if you dont know what to get. You can also come into our store in Dubai and see the Dog Cushion before buying.

Dog plaid or blankets

Get a plaid or a dog blanket. Are your dog using your sofa? Make sure your dog dosent trash your couch and get it all dirty. Get a nice blanket for the dog to use.

Special dog beds

This is if you want that little extra for your dog. You kan get a dog bed that looks like a sofa, a specially designed cooling bed, a specially designed heating pet mad, a pretty princess or prince bed for your dog to feel royal, or just a dog bed designed to fit in your trunk. Visit our selection of special dog beds for an extra treat.

Elevated dog beds

Off the ground dog beds, or elevated dog beds promotes air flow on all sides of the bed. Elevated dog beds is designed to keep your dog cool and the elevated surface provides a low-impact pressure area to joints. Elevated dog beds is also great in trying to fight fleas, mites and often easier to wash. Take a look at our selection of elevated dog beds if this fits your needs.

Orthopaedic dog beds

Our orthopedic dog beds is designed to give your dog a back, and body supporting sleep. If your dog rises slowly from the bed, and seams stiff and looks sore, then you should invest in a new dog bed. We have a small range of carefully selected Orthopaedic Dog Beds that will support joints, and the overall body of the dog. We recommend calling in or visiting our store if you want to know more about our orthopaedic dog beds.

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