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  • <B>Bergan Voyager Carrier - Bright Blue</B> (Small)
    The Bergan Voyager Pet Carrier is a stylish travel must-have, featuring well ventilated sides, lockable zippered openings, convenient pockets, and seat belt loops for added safety. The padded shoulder strap will keep you comfortable while toting your furry family member. Comes in various colors.

    - Small - 10lbs or 4.5kg - L:30.5cm x W:20.3cm x H:43.2cm (11,5inch x 8inch x 17inch)
    - Large - 22lbs or 10kg - L:33cm x W:25.40cm x H: 48.2cm (13inch x 10inch x 19inch)
  • <B>Bergan - Star Chaser</B>
    Entertainment in the dark as the ball has motion activated light.

    Color may vary from shown.
  • <B>Bergan - Turbo Treat Ball</B>
    The Turbo Treat Ball not only keeps your cat busy with hours of interaction but rewards them as well! Just fill the ball with your cat’s favorite feline treat or kibble and attach to the Turbo Scracther or Star Chaser. Watch them spin, spin and spin again! The clear ball allows you to see when it needs to be refilled.
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