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Biodegradable Litter


Natural, biodegradable choices for cats litter includes pine pellets, wheat and corn. These natural products neutralize odors right in the box. When the small pellets come in contact with urine, they fall apart into a sawdust like material that absorbs the odor. These products may be safer for your cat with issues as litter between their toes. Some brands is also flushable because the product is completely biodegradable. 
  • <B>AVANCAT Futura - Clumping</B> (5L)
    Avancat Futura Clumping Cat Litter is 100 % organic cat litter, it is made from vegetable fibres which is granulated into fine grains. It's very lightweight and easy to use as it forms a strong clump when it gets wet.
  • <B>AMIGO - Futura</B> (8L)
    Chopped wood pellets, ideal as environmental friendly alternative for cat litter. Non-clumping.
  • <B>AVANCAT Natura</B> (15L)
    Wood Pellets suitable for both cats, kittens, small pets, birds and reptiles.
  • <B>World's Best Cat Litter - Clumping</B>
    Ideal for homes with one or two cats, Clumping Formula is the unscented clumping cat litter with outstanding odor control and tight clumping ability. And because they'll scratch and cover, our quick clumping cat litter provides maximum odor control, while minimizing dust and tracking around your home.

  • <B>World's Best Cat Litter - Multiple Cat Lavender Scented </B>
    Made with 100% all-natural scented lavender oil, this multiple cat formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer their cat litter to be scented. No synthetic chemicals, clays or perfumes! Your home stays smelling nice, while keeping nasty odors and smells inside the litter.

  • <B>World's Best Cat Litter - Multiple Cat</B>
    Ultimately, the best cat litters for your home are the litters your cats use! With an added all-natural plant derivative for enhanced odor control, this scoopable clumping cat litter is ideal for homes with two or more cats. It is lightweight, soft in texture and has clumping-on-contact abilities.

  • <B>Padovan - Sanipet</B> (10L)
    Environmental friendly litter based on maize cob granule with a light scent of lemon. Excellent litter for small animals, particularly for birds, rodents in all sizes and ferrets.
  •  <B>Padovan - Woody Pellets</B> (10L)
    Approx 4.5 kilo Wooden pellets is a non-clumping and biodegradable litter choice for the litter box and as birdcage substrate. Do not stick to fur, paws or the animals food.
  • <B>Cats Best - Organic Litter</B>
    Clumping litter with effective odor-binding. Compostable and 100% biodegradable.
  • <B>Cats Best - Smart Pellets</B> (10L)
    Clumping litter with effective odor-binding. Compostable and 100% biodegradable. Due to its good clumping effect, your cat's litter tray will not require emptying as often, with only the soiled area needing to be removed, making less work for the owner.

    Product features:
    - Up to 3 x higher absorption.
    - Effective odor- binding.
    - Compostable and 100% biodegradable.
    - 100% pure organic fiber.
    - Lightweight, easier to transport.
    - Binds liquids and odors effectively inside the organic fiber.
    - Gentle on your cat's paws.
    - Soft Clumping
    - Non-stick
  • Natural Cat Litter - Pine Wooden Pellet 10kilo
    Approx. 22Liter. With a natural strong odour removal, once pine litters are moisturized, a refreshing light natural pine scent will be automatically release.
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