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In order to be a good dog owner, you need to train your dog to be well mannered, socialize, that knows how to listen and behave when other people are around. If you have a dog or planning on getting one, you will need to not just buy a leash and dog food - you will also need a training arsenal. - The first part of your dog training should be a few good books!
  • <B>Brain Games for Dogs</B>
    Only Employs Rewards Based Teaching Methods - Shows fun ways to build a strong bond with your dog and provide it with vital mental stimulation
    Learn how to use the creative power of play to stimulate your dog and unlock its true mental potential
  • <B>Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs</B>
    A problem solving guide for dog owners of all experience!
  • <B>Mini Encyclopedia Dog Training and Behaviour</B>
    Learn to understand your dog better. This book uses photographic sequences to teach (you and your dog) basic obedience.

  • <B>Clicker Training For Dogs</B> (112pages)
    Clicker training for dogs is an ideal introduction to teach your dog the basic understanding of your commands and vice versa.
  • <B>Quick and Easy Dog Training</B>
    Guide to best types of training equipment and covers key topics such as crate training, housetraining, and teaching your dog basic commands.
  • SALE <B>All Breed Dog Grooming</B>
    Want to start trimming your own dog!? This is just the right reading for you, contains a detailed grooming instructions for 164 breeds and varieties and a list and description of tools and equipment needed.
    AED265.00 159.00
  • SALE <B>Beginners Guide To Dog Agility</B>
    The big book on all you need to know on pre-agility training. Contains detailed advice on correction-free training, and step-by-step agility training techniques and even a guide on how make your own agility obstacles.
    AED130.00 78.00
  • SALE <B>Grooming your Dog</B>
    Informative and inspirational book explains, grooming is not just about creating an immaculate showdog. Grooming also makes dogs happier and healthier, and should be a regular routine in any dog home.
    AED80.00 48.00
  • SALE <B>The Intermediate's Guide to Dog Agility</B>
    Sequel to the best-selling "Beginner s Guide To Dog Agility" agility expert Laurie Leach is your personal trainer as she clearly outlines essential techniques you ll need to excel at this stage of the game.
    AED130.00 78.00
  • SALE <B>The Really Active Dog Book</B>
    Do you want to get more from owning your dog? Then get involved in one of the many canine sports and you will both find that life can be more fun. The Really Actve Dog Book tells you all you need to know about the main activities on offer!
    AED87.00 52.20
  • SALE <B>Veterinary Advice for Dog Owners</B>
    This book Veterinary Advice For Dog Owners is a comprehensive guide to canine health and illness, Written by well - respected canine veterinary specialist Dick Lane BSc, FRAgS, FRCVS, Veterinary Advice for Dog Owners is a book no dog lover can afford to be without.
    AED87.00 52.20
  • SALE <B>What Puppy?</B>
    Includes the top 10 list of “designer” cross-breeds like Labradoodle, Cockerpoo etc. currently in high demand. Each entry is packed with information about the breed and its temperament, explaining what it is like to live with, and highlights the facts that new owners need to know. 224 pages.
    AED95.00 57.00
  • SALE <B>Labrador - Dog Expert</B>
    Easy read on Labrador Retrievers. Written by a team of experts and combining a beautiful selection of specially commissioned photographs.
    AED87.00 52.20
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