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  • <B>Aquarium Corals Book</B>
    The successful keeping of live corals in a home aquarium is now an exciting reality, with easy information from this book.
  • <B>Marine fishes "Pocket Expert Guide"</B>
    This indispensable book presents an illustrated survey of more than 500 popular and commonly available marine fishes with expert advice on their feeding and captive care and aquarium suitability ratings for each species. 448 pages
  • <B>Marine Invertebrates Pocket Expert Guide</B>
    Profiles more than 500 of the most beautiful and bizarre invertebrates and plants that make their way into marine aquariums and provides full details of their care.
  • <B>Mini Encyclopedia of Tropical Aquarium</B>
    A brilliant fact-packed reference book that covers all aspects of setting up a tropical aquarium and stocking it with fishes. 208 pages
  • <B>Reef Aquarium Fishes Pocket Expert Guide</B>
    Brilliant photography by the best underwater photographers accompanies profiles of more than 600 reef aquarium fishes. Includes advice on the care and feeding of reef aquarium fishes aimed at both beginner and expert aquarist.
  • <B>The New Marine Aquarium</B>
    Creating a beautiful, healthy marine aquarium has never been easier. For anyone setting up a first marine tank or rejuvenating an existing system, this book offers clear, up-to-date advice on planning, equipping, stocking and maintaining an aquarium. 144 pages
  • <B>Goldfish - Pet Friendly</B>
    Easy read on how to care for goldfish. Beginners guide.
  • <B>The Goldfish - Good Pet Guide</B>
    Easy read on how to care for goldfish. Beginners guide.
  • <B>Tropical Fish - Pet Friendly</B>
    Easy read on taking care of tropical fish
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