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Cage Accessories

  • <B>Trixie - Grass Cuddly Cave for Rabbits</B>
    Made of 100% natural material that is safe for rabbits to chew.
  • <B>Trixie - Waterbottle</B>
    With wire holder and ball valve. Assorted colors.
  • <B>EBI - Cage Toilette Step in with Entrance</B> (Assorted Colors)
    This plastic corner toilet for rodents with an entrance and -slip feet is the ideal hygienic solution for in the home. Because your little animal learns to do his business in the toilet, the home remains clean for longer.
  • <B>EBI - Coconut Globe House</B> (130mm)
    This coconut globe house is easy to hang on to the bars of the cage. It is made out of 100% natural coconut that is very safe and harmless for your rodents. It also comes with a sisal, so that a lovely nest can be built.
  • <B>Trixie -  Waterbottle Holder</B>
    This Trixie - Waterbottle Holder For Rodents is made out of natural wood and is free-standing.

    The Water Bottle Holder is suitable for creating an animal-friendly surrounding and is the perfect addition to your small animal's home.
  • <B>Trixie Clear Waterbottle</B> (250ml)
    Durable, practical plastic water bottle with screw attachment which attaches to attach to cage.
  • <B>Trixie Clear Waterbottle</B> (500ml)
    Durable, practical plastic water bottle with screw attachment which attaches to attach to cage.
  • <B>Trixie Top Fill Waterbottle</B> (500ml)
    This water bottle with its top opening allows for super convenient cage-side refills without having to remove and replace. This bottle features an adjustable locking bracket that easily secures to any wire cage and includes a stainless steel double-ball sipper tube that stops leaks before they happen.
  • Trixie - Cuddly Plush Tunnel for Rabbits/Guinea Pigs (Beige)
    Rabbits and Guinea pigs has a habit of exploring and playing in narrow spaces, this Cuddly Plush Tunnel from Trixie is one way to keep them busy and entertained. This tunnel has two openings with an exit that have a reinforced part so it remains stable and sturdy. This cuddle plush tunnel is even very comfortable for them to stay in and relaxed as it is made in plush (polyester) upholstery, it's like a combination of a pet bed and a tunnel.
  • Trixie - Feeding Roll (5.5×12cm)
    Give your small pets this green feeding roll from Trixie. It's a fun activity toy for rabbits and guinea pigs. You can fill it with hay, grasses, fruits and vegetables or any other treats. The roller is made of plastic/TPR and has a soft rubber coating that makes it roll smoothly. It can be used in various ways. It will give your rabbit and guinea pigs a great exercise and will surely keep them busy.
  • Trixie - Lying Mat For Rabbits (39×29cm)
    Make sure to give your pet rabbit a safe and secure home with this Trixie Lying Mat For Rabbits. This ultra-soft mat is made of a plush (polyester) cover. It also has a non-slip bottom so it will stay in place.
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