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Cardboard Scratchers


Provide your cat with cardboard scratchers to satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts while keeping them away from your furniture! 
  • <B>D&D Home - Kenny</B> (75x25x18cm)
    Cats has a tendency to sharpen it's claw everywhere and scratching it in the wrong place is not good for your cat. Having a cat scratching board is ideal for cats that love scratching sofas or carpets. It is very advantageous as it will only take a little space in your house and can be mounted to walls or floor. This D & D Home Kenny scratchboard is very convenient to build as it does not need any screw to set up. It is made of wood and it's reversible, it also has a sisal carpet and felt fabric that is very good for scratching.
  • <B>Trixie - Black Scratching cardboard Model 48007</B>
    Rim of holes on the side of the scratch pad opens up to balls for your kitty to fish after. The scratch pad allows for natural trimming of the nails and can be refreshed with a sprinkling of catnip.
  • <B>Trixie - Mimi Scratching Wave</B> (50x9x23cm)
    Super value for money - Curved scratcher in cardboard with catnip. Ideal for cats that like to use the claws or just love the scent of cardboard.
  • <B>PetFusion - Cat Scratcher Lounge - Deluxe</B> (Charcoal Grey Rim)
    Scratcher and a lounge in one, reversible for twice the use; Sleek and neutral design made of eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard.
    Walnut Brown Edges.
  • <B>PetFusion - Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge</B> (Brown  Rim)
    Serves double duty as both a cat scratcher and lounge that promises to keep your finicky companions coming back for more! Custom made for cats who enjoy scratching, playing, and lounging around.
  • <B>Miglio - Rotunda Regular</B> (Birch Plywood)
    Cat furniture - nice and pretty addition to any cat home that will fit in with most decor. Made from tightly weaved, heavy duty corrugated cardboard for extra durability. Reversible to ensuring twice the scratching fun. Combines functionality and modern design. 100% recyclable
  • <B>Trixie - Scratching Drum</B>
    Play drum made of cardboard,2 balls inside which will entice the cat to play
  • <B>PetFusion - 3-Sided Vertical Scratcher</B> Long
    Creative triangle design for cats that enjoy scratching cardboard.
  • <B>PetFusion - Reversible Curve Scratcher</B> (Brown Rim)
    Bed and Scratcher in one! Designed for owners looking to reclaim their homes! Brown Rim.

    BROWN RIM no White like shown !
  • <B>CatIT - Cat Love Incline Scratcher</B>
    The scratcher comes with catnip to help attract your cat.
  • <B>Petstages - Hide & Seek Wobble Pond</B>
    Petstages Wobble Pond is a cat scratcher designed with features that work to engage and entertain your cat through natural behaviors like hunting, swatting, batting and scratching! This cat scratch toy is also Catnip Blasted for even more excitement.
  • <B>KONG - Incline cat scratcher</B> (1pc)
    Kong Incline Cat Scratcher is a part of the KONG Naturals product line. It is a environmental friendly scratch pad and 100% recyclable.

  • <B>Omega Paw - Scratch 'N Massage Everest</B> (Brown)
    This ripple scratch board is positioned on an angled base plastic. It offers paw/claw massage when trimming the claws.
    There are also three large holes at the base with a pom pom toy inside for a little extra fun.
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