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Carr & Day & Martin


  • <B>Cornucrescine Original Hoof Ointment</B> (500g)
    The original Cornucrescine cream. Thick grease that accelerates healthy hoof growth.

  • <B>Carr Day & Martin - Horse care sponge</B> (1pc)
    Strong and thick sponge for everyday horse washing.
  • <B>Carr Day & Martin - Tack Cleaning Sponge</B> (1pc)
    Horse Tack Cleaning Sponge from Carr and Day and Martin

    An essential basic item for tack cleaning - a high density and quality sponge, designed for the cleaning of tack. Long lasting and re-usable.
  • <B>Gallop - Extra Strength Shampoo</B> (500ml)
    Powerful horse shampoo from Carr & Day & Martin. Use for cleaning for extra dirty or greasy coats and light colored coats.

  • <B>Gallop - Medicated shampoo</B> (500ml)
    Medicated horse shampoo from Carr & Day & Martin. Ideal for dry, flaky, itchy, scurfy and sensitive skin.

  • <B>Gallop - Stain Removing Shampoo</B> (500ml)
    Against difficult and ingrained stains. Concentrated and super powerful stain removing shampoo from Carr & Day & Martin.
    Surperb for white/light gray horses.
  • <B>Carr Day & Martin - Flygard</B> (600ml)
    Water-based insect repellent containing natural, effective, essential oils for long-lasting, safe protection during the season.
    Added coat conditioner to promote a healthy, shiny coat.

    Available in:
    750ml - AED 108
  • <B>Gallop - Grey Color Enhancing Shampoo</B> (500ml)
    Fabulous horse shampoo from Carr & Day & Martin. Magnify your horses natural coat color and sheen. Ideal for show use and everyday use.

    Comes in Palomino, Grey, Black, and Bay.
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