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Cat Balls


Keep your cat entertained all day with our big selection of cat toy balls - ranging from hard balls to soft balls and furry to feathers. Jump, run, fetch and pounce with your cat as you treat them to another new addition to the toy box! We guarantee hours of fun for both you and your cat!
  • EBI - Cat Toy Wanna Play Paper Ball (ø 5cm)
    Assorted colours. Crackling noise make most cats go jump for joy, and the lightweight material makes it a fun toy to jab around.
  • Trixie - Balls with Leopard Print (4pcs)
    Leopard Printed cat balls - A fun light ball with a bell inside in short plush fabric! - Guaranteed to keep your kitty happy!
  • Trixie - Cat Activity Snack Ball (6cm)
    Colorful cat toy effective against obesity and boredom. This food dispenser engage your cats playful behavior and rewarding by releasing it content.

  • Trixie - Cat Rattle Candy (1pc)
    These rattle candies are sure to make a playful addition to your cat's toy collection. Each ball has a plastic drum wrapped in colorful fabric. Different colours available, let us pick one for you! We cannot guarantee a specific color for this product: let us chose a color for you!

  • Trixie - Snack Ball (5cm)
    Colorful cat toy effective against obesity and boredom. This food dispenser engage your cats playful behavior and rewarding by releasing it content.

  • Trixie - 2 Jute Balls On A Rope
    One of the best things about being a cat parent is getting to witness your pet’s excitement and joy while playing.
  • Trixie - 4 Rattling Ball (4cm)
    Set of toy balls in plastic with bell. Assorted colors
  • Trixie - 4 Rattling Balls (4.5cm)
    Loose plastic ball with hard ball in for exciting sound. Kit of 4 balls in exciting colors to keep your kitty entertained and busy chasing around the house.

  • Trixie - Plush Mouse in Wire Ball (6cm)
    Rolling fun! plush mouse with bell in a wire ball to the cat can see, touch but not get. Various colours - so please allow us to choose or tell us if you have a preferred color and we will try to match it.
  • Trixie - Rubber Balls with Bumps (4pcs)
    Brightly colored rubber balls - Always popular with cats and kittens. Comes in a pack of of 4.
  • Trixie - Spiral Ball (4.5cm)
    New Trixie Cat balls loose is made from plastic drum that's wrapped in nylon and is in a variety of exciting colors to keep your kitty entertained and busy chasing around the house.

  • Armitage Good Boy - Cat Toy Stocking - Pink (25cm)
    Give your cat plenty of entertainment this holidays with this multipack christmas cat toys from Armitage. It contains Catnip Mouse, Catnip Cushion, Roller Balls with Bell, Glitter pompoms, Soft pompom & Roller Cage with Bell. This Cat Toy Stocking will surely bring happiness to your fur baby throughout the festive season.
  • D&D - Playing Rod Poppy (30cm)
    This trendy toy has a natural beech wood handle and two fluffy polyester balls hanging from an elastic cord. There is also a small bell inside which encourages your cat to play. The catnip ensures that this toy is absolutely irresistible for your pet. This toy will offer your much-loved pet hours of playtime fun as well as improving her concentration.
  • EBI - Cat toy Tumbling Mouse (7.6 cm)
    Assorted colours of small fabric mice with build-in tumbler to tease your cat when playing. The feather offers attraction and decor to the toy.
  • Ebi Coockoo - Foxy Magic Ball for Cats (Blue)
    Coockoo Foxy is an EBI electronic cat toy that can be attached to any scratching tree, window sill or table thanks to a clip or Velcro. The plush play rod with springs and bell rolls up and down automatically and randomly. This interactive toy stimulates your cat to play more. Cats often tend to get too fat, and an active toy keeps them fit and healthy. Coockoo Foxy has an on/off button, but switches itself off automatically after 5 minutes of play.
  • Petlove - Jingle Balls (4pc)
    Jingle Balls - A fun light ball with a bell inside! Guaranteed to keep your kitty happy!

  • PetLove Playtime Toys - Sponge Footballs (4pack)
    Pet Love Sponge Football Cat Toy is an extremely exciting ball toy for your cat to chase around and play with.

    Made from a durable sponge material, these balls are resistant to damage as when your cat goes for the kill with its claws, the claws simply sink into the sponge. This means that your cat can enjoy plenty of fun filled play sessions with these brightly coloured sponge footballs.
  • SmartyKat® Fuzzy Friends™ - Set of 2 Plush Ball Cat Toys
    This Set of 2 Plush Ball Cat Toys from SmartyKat is a teasingly tempting pair of soft balls with enticing feathers that offer an irresistible prey substitute for your cat. These balls will give your cat a great fun with an emphasis on safety. This toy is created without hazardous beads, buttons and decorations.
  • Trixie - 4 pcs Rainbow Balls (4cm)

    Any cat would be happy to run after a bait like this ball. As most domestic cats cannot realize their natural hunting instinct, giving them this Trixie Rainbow Balls to hunt for will be a joy to your pet. This physical education favorably affects the health of the animal and will also prevent them from gaining excess weight.

    This toy is made of a soft rubber which allows your pet to dig in its claws without much damage to the product.
  • Trixie - 4 pcs Soft Balls Foam Rubber (4.3cm)
    A set of 4 pieces of soft cat balls made of foam suitable for your cats to play and chase.

    This Trixie soft balls foam rubber is a super sponge floating ball that's also bounces. It's soft and spongy and will give your cat hours of fun. It is the size of an average tennis ball, which you can also use with the ball thrower. These soft sponge balls are perfect for cats that love balls. The sponge material makes it easy for cats to get their claws into and they can be played with anywhere in the house.
  • Trixie - Fix & Catch Cat Toy (45cm)
    Keep your cat claws off your furniture by giving them something to get their interests with. This Trixie Fix and Catch Cat Toy include 3 suction pads which can be attached to a wall or a window. It also has a rattling balls that make a sound when played with. This toy will definitely make your cat engaged in exercise and activity thus makes them healthier and more active than ever.

  • Trixie - Flashing Ball Track
    Elements can be joined as desired and as many sets as you like!
  • Trixie - Plush Balls with Bell (2pcs)
    3cm Plush Cat Toy Balls with Bell that contains invigorating catnip extracts that stimulates playful behavior.
  • Trixie Plush Balls (4cm)
    These small furry balls stir up your cats hunting instinct as they roll quite fast. With added feathers to further entice your cat for fun and play.
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