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Cat Crates


Make sure your cat always feels safe and secure, indoor, outdoor or in cars! Shop our crates at Dubai petfood from Midwest, Mikki and Trixie. 
  • <B>Trixie - Galvanized 2 Door Wire Crate</B>
    Puppy training crate that can be folded flat for use a transport-, weekend- or recovery cage.

    Small - 64 x 54 x 48 cm
    Medium - 78 x 62 x 55 cm
    Medium / Large - 93 x 69 x 62 cm
    Large - 109 x 79 x 71 cm
    XLarge - 116 x 86 x 77 cm

  • Midwest - Double Door Life Stages Dog Crate
    Equipped with practically every feature necessary for housebreaking and housing your dog, these collapsible dog crates make it convenient for you to give your dog the proper care he deserves.

    Available In:
    18" Toybreed
    22" Xsmall
    24" Small
    30" Medium
    36" Intermediate
    42" Large
    48" Xlarge

  • <B>Midwest - Cat Playpen Collapsible</B>
    Ideal crate for recovering felines or when rest is needed for a particular feline, from the rest of the busy home. Also ideal if you are having someone to look after your feline in their place.
  • <B>Trixie - Outdoor Run With Net</B> (6elements)
    Play pen with a protective net to keep the pets in and birds, cats and dogs out.
  • <B>Trixie - Outdoor Run</B> (6elements)
    Rabbit pen for the garden or indoor.

    Can be combined with Trixie - Indoor Base for Outdoor Run and Trixie - Extension Element for Rabbit Run
  • <B>Trixie - Twister Mobile Kennel</B>
    Easy pets for on the go - can be used in the car, when visiting friends or at shows.
  • Trixie - Home Kennel for Dogs and Cats (White)
    This home kennel from Trixie is nice and sturdy for your dogs and cats to be safely restrained, it's the perfect sanctuary for anxious pets. It has a padded insert that can be removed and hand wash which will surely provide your pets solid protection as well as a comfortable place to rest. It's also a good addition to any home and can be use as a side table or night stand.
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