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Cat litter

Everything you need for a indoor cat. We stock both crystal cat litter, clumping litters and non-clumping litters and special litters, like grain based litter and wooden pellets Our range of cat litter consist of cat litters sourced all over the world! Canadian, danish, german, french, american, italian, indian, chinese. We carry brands like Intersand, Canadalitter, Sumocat, Worlds Best cat litter, Amigo, Avancat, Thunder Paws, Cats Best organic litter and refill to the ScoopFree. We also stock litter trays, hooded and open ones from Ebi, Trixie, Scoopfree and Omega Paw.

Huge selection of cat litter

Cat litter has its own world and i bet you’ll be surprised about how many different cat litter products which exist. However, the many options are necessary, because cat litter are not just cat litter. There is a big difference between the types of cat litter that suits the individual cat.
In our shop you can find a lot of different types of cat litter, for instances, you can find clumping sand and non clumping litter; you can also find biodegradable litter and crystal cat litter.


We sell a lot of accessories for cat litter

We also sell other products besides cat litter, for example can you find cleaning products and liners in our shop. 

If you have a kitten, it is likely that the kitten is not so good at using the cat box yet. Therefore, it may happen that the kitten is going to make an accident on the living room floor. We have all-purpose cleaning products that can remove cat defecations from any surface.

Always fast and convenient delivery when you order cat litter in our shop

If you live in Dubai or Sharjah we can deliver cat litter the same day you order it or the day after. Abu Dhabi delivery is within 48hrs.
We deliver to all 7 Emirates and we deliver 7 days a week.  


Any questions about our cat litter products? 

If you have any questions about some of our cat litter products, our customer service will be delighted to help you answering these. You can get through to them on 04 887 8218 or call toll free on 800 PETSHOP. 
If you’re looking for a cat litter product that we apparently not have in our selection you should be more than welcome to contact us. We promise that we will do everything that we can to procure the product for you as fast as possible. 

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