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Cat Supplies

We have a huge selection of cat supplies. Our webshop provides everything you need to keep your cat happy, satisfied, and healthy so you two can spend more time together. Shop our cat food, cat treats, cat litter accessories, litter boxes, cat toys, and much more. We stock high-quality cat food from brands like Lily's Kitchen, Arden Grange, Royal Canin, Orijen, ZiwiPeak, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Applaws, Nature's Variety, Acana and Burgess. We stock some of the best cat supplies brands. Our range includes dry food kibbles, canned wet food and wet food pouches, crystal cat litter, clumping and non-clumping litters, treats from Kit Cat, Trixie, Merrick, Green&Wilds, Armitage and Thrive. Teaser toys and small toys for cats of all ages and minds. You are always welcome to try out a few of our products and see which one your cat loves the most.

The Best Cat Supplies - A Sign Of Love

We can all agree that our cats deserve the best. They are unique creatures, and each has their own temperament. For that reason, some will say that a cat is not capable of love. However, treating your feline with the best possible cat supplies can surely bring out her love. Our cat supplies and products will definitely help you - just a small investment will make your and your pet's life easier, better, and full of more happiness.

Feel free to read more about some of the cat supplies we offer:

Dry food for cats

Choosing to feed your feline with dry cat food is both an economical and convenient alternative. Despite what many would think, using dry cat food does provide necessary nutritional elements. The best dry cat food brands offer food that is rich in both proteins and sources of energy that your cat can easily metabolize. What that does is it ensures your cat is nutritionally satisfied much easier. That is an especially good solution for cats who prefer to feed throughout the day continuously. By providing them with a high-protein formula, you will ensure they will stay full by consuming nutritional ingredients that won't have adverse effects on her health. Feeding your cat with dry food kibbles, however, should be supplemented by additional water since the kibbles do not contain the moisture found in regular wet food. As with everything, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For that reason, in our cat supplies section will find all types of dry dog food. We at DubaiPetfood strive to always offer you a wide selection of products. By doing that we ensure that most of your feline's varying needs are covered. 

Wet food for cats

The most important feature of using wet cat food to feed your pet is that it's high in moisture content. This is, in fact, the crucial difference between dry and wet cat food. This is connected with the fact that cats, unlike dogs, are carnivores. Along the years these feline animals have evolved to eat pray which naturally has high water content. By doing that, it is ensured they would cover their water needs while eating. Still, while wet cat food is a great source of nutrients, many parents prefer to supplement their cat's diet with dry kibbles. Picking such option is an effective way to provide your cat snacks throughout the whole day. Besides nutritional and water content, there is one significant difference that separates dry from wet cat food. Unlike the dry kibbles, dry cat food should be conserved after opening and requires refrigeration. At DubaiPetfood, you can always find the best brands wet cat food both online and in our physical store. 

Cat Treats

Cats are fascinating creatures. Evolution and their nature have provided them with human-like qualities that resemble individuals. One of these traits is their personalities. Felines love to show their independent nature and character. This and many factors have formed different training behavior in them when being compared to dogs. Unlike dogs, cats rarely obey training that targets bad behavior. As a parent, you can achieve much greater success when teaching you cat by rewarding her for her good behavior. This encouragement is usually in the form of cat treats. Cat treats are great not only for rewarding your feline during training but also for having other beneficial effects. Many treats have different purposes and advantages for your cat. Such are our functional treats, grain-free treats, catnip, moist treats, and more. Of course, when talking about cat treats, we cannot go without mentioning catnip. What this plant does is it imitates "happy" pheromones that cats easily pick on which makes it one of the preffered treats. You are always welcome to try out a few of our cat supplies and treats and see what your cat loves more.

Cat Litter Accessories

Let's make sure you can properly train your cat, and by doing that preserve the freshness of your home. It is important to teach your cat where and what purpose her litter has. By providing her a clear solution to her basic hygienic needs, you will also make sure that your cat is treated well and taken care of. Additionally, if you are a cat owner already, you might have noticed how blessed you feel when the cat litter is clean. For many of us having to clean the cat litter box is one of the activities we do just because we have. Well, we strive to satisfy all of our customers, either with or without fur. As their parents, we also think about you. Making your life easier would give you more free time that you can spend in playing with your pet. That is why we have stocked the best cat supplies and litter accessories to aid you.

Cat Toys

Cat toys are interesting accessories that have two opposite purposes. You can use them to get closer to your pet and strengthen your relationship. You can also use them when you don't have the time, or you are just tired, so your pet can entertain itself. We at DubaiPetfood provide you with many options that can help you engage with your pet. Some of our toys even have specific purposes. Such are our cat brain games, cat wands & teasers, scratch toys, and more. It is also best to mention here our selection of catnip toys. Using these will make sure your cat is always entertained. You can also take advantage of using the catnip sprays that we have. They can make any toy turn into your cat's fun plush best friend.

Cat Scratchers

If you don't want your furniture to have all kinds of scratches, consider getting a cat scratcher. This is what nature gifted her with, and you are in no way taking it away. Well, not really, but you can surely minimize the impact of her fun activity on your couch. Providing her with some of our unique cat scratchers, you will make sure that your cat will be satisfied, and your furniture will last longer. Letting your cat indulge in her favorite fun and natural activity, you will make sure it is always satisfied and feel loved. Well, maybe most of the times. Hey, after all, it is your kitty, and you never know what silly story is going on in her head. Your cat won't only see it as a place where she can relief her natural instinct. She will also associate the cozy place as her personal home. It can also be entertaining for her, as our medium and big scratches are perfect for climbing. That will both satisfy your cat's curiosity of exploring and will in a sense provide her with security by allowing her to see all of the surrounding environment.

Cat Grooming

Another crucial part of being a cat owner includes providing your big and furry kitty with proper cat grooming. As you might have noticed, it requires all kinds of cat accessories and tools to complete the many tasks that cat grooming includes. Hygiene is naturally important for your cat which is why they try to keep themselves clean at all times. Keeping your cat clean involves not only general cleaning and baths but also many other supplementary tasks. Such are checking her paws, her teeth, and her underside. Other activities include keeping your cat's nail trimmed, combing, brushing, and cat flea and tick treatment. All of this should, of course, be included in a grooming schedule that owners should follow.

Cat Accessories

We offer all kinds of accessories needed in our cat supplies section. Make sure you provide your furry feline friend with a nice and comfortable mean of feeding. Your cat loves luxury just as we humans do. She loves attention as well. That's why it is important for your cat to be treated well. You can ensure that by providing the best cat feeders so it can always "dine with class." Not only that but as you might have heard or noticed that your big kitty has a tendency to scratch. You can warn your guests by having a new cat sign. Or else, if you are looking for a way to stop your cat from going where she is unwanted, use one of our cat repellents. This and many more items are available today in our webshop and store.

Cat Doors

Sometimes you want to limit your cat's access to particular places. At other times you might want to give it some freedom and let it roam around your house in search of something engaging. You can do that by letting her walk freely through some of our cat doors. Let your cat show its grace everywhere it wants. And if you are worried about her at night - simply use one of our automatic doors. In our webshop, under the cat supplies category, you will find everything you need. If you are wondering how to shop here, check out our guide page. Feel free to call or write to us for additional support.

Cat Litter Boxes

Having litter accesorries is great, but what about the litter boxes? We are always here for you. For that reason we have stocked a large amount of cat supplies and products where you can pick the litter box that you are looking for. Cats have a natural defensive mechanism to use sand. They do that to protect themselves - they need to cover their tracks so they cannot be found by bigger animals. By training your cat to use its litter, you will save yourself and your cat a big amount of trouble. This is especially true for owners that do not want to let their cats leave the house. 

Cat Apparel

It is usually hard to make a cat wear clothing. For better success, it is recommended that you introduce your cat to clothing from the time it is a kitten. Introduction to cat apparel should also be done consistently and in phrases, rather than at once. Many cats don't also like wearing tight clothes and bands that attach clothes around their bodies. However, getting your feline to wear a shirt is achievable with consistency. You are welcome to browse our cat apparel products that can show your cat in a more fashionable light. Among our cat supplies, you will also find functional cat apparel. Such is the anxiety shirt for cats. Many factors can influence a cat and cause anxiety in her. The way an anxiety shirt helps is that the pressure it puts on your cat's body releases calming hormones which create a calming effect.

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