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Catnip can cause an amazing reaction! The cat will rub it, roll over it, kick at it and generally go nuts for several minutes. Find catnip at Dubai petfood - we have premium catnip and organic catnip!
  • Trixie - Catnip (20g)
    Aromatic catnip that your cat will just love!
  • KONG - Premium Catnip (56.7g)
    US catnip leaves, carefully picked and dried making it an extremely aromatic catnip that your cat will just love!
  • Armitage Good Boy - Cat Toy Stocking - Pink (25cm)
    Give your cat plenty of entertainment this holidays with this multipack christmas cat toys from Armitage. It contains Catnip Mouse, Catnip Cushion, Roller Balls with Bell, Glitter pompoms, Soft pompom & Roller Cage with Bell. This Cat Toy Stocking will surely bring happiness to your fur baby throughout the festive season.
  • D&D Home - Levi Toy Grey Catnip Leaf (7x8cm)
    This toy is made of cotton canvas in leaf design. Inclusive of catnip your cat will surely enjoy.
  • EBI - Vital Concept Spray Catnip (150ml)
    EBI - Vital Concept Spray Catnip is effective and natural, catches your cat where you want it. You can also use it on new toys, baskets, transport cages to make your cat use them

    Size: 150 ml

  • Trixie - Catnip spray (50ml)
    Guaranteed fun for you and your cat! This Catnip Spray from Trixie contains extract of real catnip leaves. The pleasant scent will awake your cat’s natural playing instinct, getting it interested in fun and games. The spray design allows you to focus your cat’s attention on certain toys or areas, helping to train your cat to play or scratch in the appropriate places.

    As soon as your cat smells the catnip, it won’t be able to get enough! Your cat will keep coming back for more playtime, enticed by its favorite catnip scent.
    The Trixie Catnip Spray is also ideal when getting your cat used to a new scratching post or toy, or even a cosy new blanket. Your cat will love the smell, and it’s barely noticeable to humans.
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