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Chomper toys are made from the top quality materials and deliver tail waggin' fun for all your four legged friends' needs. Their goal is to delight their retailers, pets and their owners by providing them with the highest quality toys and playtime experiences. Chomper are committed to ensuring that all of their toys are safe for pets and their owner!
  • <B>Bark A Boo - Mini Long Leg</B>
    Cute puppy toy
    23.00 AED
  • <B>Bark A Boo - MonGoose with tail</B>
    Cute toy for small and toybreeds. Rubber part with fabric animal inside.
    26.00 AED
  • <B>Chomper - Dog Retro Ring Animal</B>
    Durable Dog Toy For A Game Of Fetch - Retro Design.

    Color May Vary From Shown.
    65.00 AED
  • <B>Chomper - Mongoose Rope Tug & Toss</B>
    Rubber and rope in twist - ideal for a good chew! Assorted colors
    65.00 AED
  • <B>Chomper - MONGOOSE Tug</B> (Medium)
    Great for both fetch and tug games. Made with tough & durable rubber and cotton rope. Cone can be filled with favorite treats for a rewarding playtime.
    65.00 AED
  • <B>Chomper - Premier Cat Fish Door Hanger</B>
    Another stimulating interactive toy from the Chomper range. Lots of different textures and shapes for many hours of kitty enjoyment that can hang almost anywhere.
    30.00 AED
  • <B>Kylie's - Feathered Ball Pyramid Cube Combo</B> (2pcs)
    Set with feathered ball- and pyramid shaped toys. Durable, enticing and promotes longer hours of fun. Assorted colors.
    35.00 AED
  • <B>Kylie's - Flatty Bird</B> (1pc)
    Feathered stuffing free cat toy. Durable, enticing and promotes longer hours of fun. Assorted colors.
    35.00 AED
  • <B>Kylie's - Geometric Feather Set</B> (2pcs)
    Stuffed with catnip and decorated with bells and colorful feathers these 2 cattoys will make cats jump around & play.
    35.00 AED
  • <B>Kylie's - Nautical Fish Door Dangler</B>
    Stuffed with catnip, decorated with bells and colorful feathers this door dangler will make cats jump and play.
    35.00 AED
  • <B>Kylie's - Nautical Horse</B>
    Stuffed with catnip, cracker maker and with colorful feathers this cute marine horse will make cats play.
    20.00 AED
  • <B>Kylie's - Nautical Teaser Glove</B>
    A teaser at hand - this glove with attached toys are just the thing if your kitty loves to play when on her back.
    45.00 AED
  • <B>Chomper MONGOOSE - Stuffable Cone</B>
    Treat-dispensing toy in durable rubber. Available in several colors.
  • <B>Chomper - Mongoose Missile</B>
    Made with tough and durable rubber, designed for any dog, and manufactured from top spec durable materials to ensure the best quality to you at all times, whilst ensuring it gives you value for money and lasts you a long time. Double textured for extra entertainment and playtime, it is perfect to keep them entertained for hours and make sure they have been thoroughly exercised. It’s also perfect for tug and toss games to help you bond with your dog.
    65.00 AED
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