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  • <B>F10 - Odor Eliminator Spray</B> (500ml)
    With this professional odor eliminator from F10 in convenient spray bottle, ready to use odor eliminator or it can be diluted and used as disinfectant.

    With extra pine fragrance.
  • <B>F10 - SCXD</B> (1L)
    Used for effective and safe general cleaning and disinfection of all hard surfaces (such as tables, floors and cages). Can also be used for washing brushes, pet beds, tack etc. to keep micro-organisms and bacteria growth away.

    Recommend for use if many animals share location, e.g. horse in stable or multiple animal household.
  • <B>F10 - SCXD</B> (200ml)
    F10 SCXD has the same range of efficacy against micro-organisms as F10SC but has a detergent added so it can be used as a 'one-stop' product for general cleaning and disinfection during routine hygiene practices.
  • <B>Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules</B> (600g)
    Cage Fresh Granules freshen cages and hutches quickly and simply. Contain friendly microbes that neutralise the odours in urine that cause that those characteristically unpleasant hutch and cage smells.

    For best results, simply sprinkle under the bedding in a freshly cleaned hutch or cage.
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