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  • <B>Harmony Plus Clipper</B>
    Brushless motors have many advantages over other types of motors traditionally used in animal clipping and trimming.

    There are no carbon brushes in the Harmony Plus trimmer, so reliability is much better than with conventional products
    AED1,949.00 1,200.00
  • <B>Oster - A6 Clipper</B> (3-Speed)
    3-speed clipper from Oster - Slimmer, faster, stronger and more quiet!
    Offers a ultra smooth and efficient cutting experience for the user. Comes without blade!
  • SALE <B>Oster Golden A5 Clipper - Black</B> (Single Speed)
    Offers both comfort and versatility with a powerful cooler running Universal Motor, and the Oster® detachable blade system. No Blade!
    AED1,323.00 1,058.40
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