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04 887 8218 or (Toll Free) 800 7387467



You can find us on Sheikh Zayed Road, just off exit 40 Al Quoz, next to the Commercial Bank of Dubai!
Link to exact location:

We are also located in Dubai Investment Park near the Green Community. Look for the Park and Shop sign and continue 300m past and we are on the right. We have plenty of parking and your pet is very welcome to come in and have a sniff around and enjoy some free treats and a drink.

Our branch in Dubai Investments Park is also the location where our MAIN BACK OFFICE operates!

We are open 7 days a week: Saturday-Thursday 10am-9pm, Friday 12pm-9pm.

We are located on 2.nd Floor in Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi. Same floor as the cinema, near the green parking. 
We are open 7 days a week: Saturday-Wedsday 10am-10pm, Thursday&Friday 10am-12am (midnight)

Meet our friendly staff in our physical pet shop

If you visit our physical pet shop, you can be sure that you will be met with open arms. We’ve have always big focus on good customer service. Therefore, we always make sure that our customers get the guidance they need. It’s important for us that our visitors has a great experience with the meeting with us whether they buy or products or not.

Our huge focus on great costumer service applies not only to our physical pet shop. We also have an ambition about delivering a high level of customer service at our webshop. Therefore you have the option to call and get all the guidance you need. You can through to our costumer department on 04 887 8218 or call toll free on 800 PETSHOP. 

Our physical pet shop are enormous 

When you have as many products for pets as we have, you also need a lot of space for storing these products.

Therefore, you will surely be overwhelmed when you visit our physical pet store. These are very big and if you have a poor sense of direction, it's just before you can get lost in our pet shop.

Fortunately, the shops are packed with sweet employees who can guide you towards the products you are looking for and help you if you got lost. 

Our pet shop are located in beautiful settings

We love Dubai and we think there are extremely many beautiful buildings in this city. Great enormous buildings that testify of the human ability. 

Therefore, we are also very pleased with our location, which is near the vibrant city life and near a lot of beautiful buildings.

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