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Give your pets an all natural feast with Natures Menu

Made of naturally sourced ingredients devoid of chemicals, anything artificial and unpronounceable, Natures Menu is a quality natural recipe that is a healthy alternative to your pets diet.


Five benefits of feeding your pet wet food

As a pet parent, being obsessed with what your fur baby eats is natural. If you have been considering adding wet food to make mealtimes more exciting, read on to find out their 5 top benefits.

1. Provides a balanced diet - Wet food is packed with protein and has all the essential nutrients for a complete and nutritionally balanced meal. Dogs need a diet that delivers a good amount of iron on a daily basis and wet food is a great supplement for this.

2. Keeps your pet hydrated - Wet food is high in moisture and is a great way to keep your pet hydrated. This is especially helpful if your fur baby doesn't drink water as often. Keeping your pet hydrated ensures optimal kidney function and promotes urinary tract health.

3. Offers variety - Has your furrend gone off their food for no reason at all? If you've been feeding your pet the same food/ flavour for a long time adding some flavour and texture with wet food is a great way to spice up mealtimes. Mix in with your pets dry food and watch them gobble it up!

4. Helps manage your pets weight - Since wet food is mostly made of protein and has less carbs, it is a great way to help maintain a healthy weight for your pet. It’s high moisture content means less calories and makes it more effective when it comes to your pets weight loss and management.

5. Makes food easy to chew - The moist texture of wet food is easily palatable and can also make your pets' food easier to chew. It is a great alternative for dogs with dental problems as well as senior dogs with gum issues.The meat is cooked till soft and the moistness of the gravy makes it really easy on your pet's teeth and gums and is more comfortable to eat.
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