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In this page you can find a brief summary of all categories we have for your pets. We are the largest pet food store in The Middle East both online & in-store with dedicated customer service & fast & convenient deliveries.  

Dogs Supplies

Dog Supplies - Dubai Pet Food offers all kinds of dog supplies. Our wide selection of dog supplies is delivered straight to your door, across the UAE, seven days a week. We have a huge range of high-quality dog supplies such as dog food - both dry dog food kibbles and wet dog food.
Dry food for dogs - At DubaiPetFood we care about your dogs and their diets. Dogs needs differ with both breed and age. Therefore, we stock dry food for dogs in the best quality from the best brands for dry food kibbles, suitable for all of your dogs.
Wet food for dogs - We at DubaiPetFood always strive to provide the highest-quality wet dog food. You can clearly see that by checking out the brands that we offer - they are not mass-market brands and products but rather unique and exclusive ones. This is all done to ensure that we keep our promise towards you and your pets.
Treats & Chews - There are numerous situations that you could use as an excuse to reward your dog with some delicious and healthy dog treats. Our dog treats are made to provide your dog with important nutrients while avoiding any artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.
Grooming - Regular dog grooming is important to their overall health, comfort and well-being. Dogs are not naturally as fastidious as cats and need help from their human companions in the caretaking area - especially if they are a long-haired or thick-coated breed. We offer a big range of dog grooming products from brushes to shampoos and conditioners, pet wipes, perfumes, and everything you need for ear, eye- and nailcare.
Health Care - Our big selection of dog health care products contains the best items and is always expanding. That is because at DubaiPetFood we really love pets. We understand their needs and wants. And just as every human needs health care of, so do dogs. Our dog health care products are designed to keep your dog at its best throughout its life.
Leashes & Collars - We offer a wide variety of dog collars, dog leashes,dog harnesses, dog leads, and much more. Our dog collars and leashes vary in size, shape, material, and design so your dog can stay safe and look good at the same time. Find brands as Bobby, Flexi, Hunter, Rogz, Petmate, Lil' Pal, Rosewood, and others.
Accessories - We offer a large variety of the best dog accessories on the market. Either you want to help your dog or help yourself, you will always find the necessary products in our dog accessories category. You have easy access to all of our dog accessories - we stock and deliver straight to your door - We can deliver your favorite dog accesorries free of charge for orders over 100 AED, seven days a week!
Beds - We stock dog beds of many different types. You can buy Dog Baskets, Dog Cushions, Pillows for Dogs, Sofas and much more. Our range of Dog Beds expands all the time, we strive to be able to provide the best dog beds for you and your dog.
Toys - Let's face it - we are not always available to play with our dogs. At the same time none of us wants our furry friends to be bored at home. We believe a good reason to get your puppy (or even a fully-grown adult dog) a great dog toy your doggy can use to entertain itself while you are away.
Training Aid - Puppy and dog training are essential and you can never start too late. It is something that will both make your and your dog's life easier. Dog training is also strongly related to bonding and will. Forcing your dog into doing something it cannot naturally handle, or lack of training might have negative effects on its attitude and behavior in other areas of life.
Travel Accessories - Dog travel accessories are an essential part of your and your dog's journey. When buying a kennel or a backpack, don't forget that dogs aren't just looking for a shelter but rather a safe place where they can feel like home. Providing your dog with comfort is the first step to getting there, and that can be achieved by tailoring the products you buy for her specific needs
Pet Tags - Dog tag, cat tags and other pet tags in all sizes, shapes and WITH engraving at no extra cost! We deliver to your door 7 days a week.
Apparel - DubaiPetFood stocks a selected range of dog apparel such as fashion clothing, boots, and functional clothing. Going either for fashion or funcitonality, our dog apparel products are designed to always include both comfort and fashion. Protect your pet from the harmful weather by buying some of our funcional dog apparel.
Signs & Calendars - Make your visiting guests aware that you have a dog, with a dog specific sign. We have a wide range of Breed specific dog signs, dog warning signs and dog on board signs. We will keep our range of dog signs, calendars and stickers continuously updated.

Cats Supplies

Cat Supplies - We have a huge selection of cat supplies. Our webshop provides everything you need to keep your cat happy, satisfied, and healthy so you two can spend more time together. Shop our cat food, cat treats, cat litter accessories, litter boxes, cat toys, and much more. We stock high-quality cat food from brands like Royal Canin, ZiwiPeak, Taste of the Wild, Artemis, Applaws, Eukanuba and Natural Balance.
Dry food for cats - Cats are fussy eaters, they only wants the the best of the best. We stock only high quality food like, Royal Canin, Artemis, ZiwiPeak, Taste of the Wild, Applaws, Orijen, Pro Plan, Eukanuba and Happy Cat.
Wet food for cats - Quality wetfood for all felines. We stock both canned, rolls and pouches. We have both age related diet and food for all lifestages. Our assortment consist of Natures Menu, Applaws, NuTripe, Natural Balance, Royal Canin, Artemis, ZiwiPeak, Taste of the Wild, Red Barn and Butch.
Treats - Our range of cat treats contains both baked treats, functional and grain-free treats. We stock Beaphar, Ziwipeak, Thrive, Kong treats. Because also cats need to be rewarded and spoiled.
Cat litter - Everything you need for a indoor cat. We stock both crystal cat litter, clumping and non-clumping and special litters, like grain based litter and wooden pellets.
Cat Toys - Our cat toys section has everything your cat needs to be entertained. Find accessories from our most popular brands, Trixie, Go Cat, Fat Cat, Tipsy Nip (high-test organic catnip) and KONG.
Cat Scratchers - Cat trees of all sizes and colors. Our range holds cat trees spanding from ground to cealing and small scratches for kittens. We have simple scratchpoles to large trees with several levels and hiding places. We should have something to fit all sizes and ages of cats.
Grooming - Grooming makes a cat happy. Our petshop offers a range of brushes, shampoos, dry wash sprays and mousses, flea and tick control remedies, skin care products, tearstain removers and earcleaners. In short - everything you need to get a well care for cat.
Healthcare - We got everything you need to keep your feline healthy and fit. Feline diet supplements, hairball remedies, feline vitamins, anti-stress products for cats, cat mite treatments, and much more your feline.
Accessories - Our online petshop has a large range of cat treats, designer feeding bowls, cat toys, scratchtrees, catdoors and catcollars for tags. In short, everything you might need to keep your feline happy.
Doors - Cat doors open a new world of freedom for both you and your cat. You will no longer have to play doorman for your cat every time your kitty needs to go out! If you have never thought about getting a cat door, take a look at our selection of different cat doors!
Litter Boxes - Cat litter boxes in all sizes, shapes and prices. Open trays, hooded litter boxes, scoopfree and Roll N' Clean boxes.
Pet Tags - Dog tag, cat tags and other pet tags in all sizes, shapes and WITH engraving at no extra cost! We deliver to your door 7 days a week.
Cat Apparel - Find the most irresistible cat clothing at Dubai pet food! Order it now, and we will deliver it at your doorstep!
Cat On The Go - We sell soft carriers, plastic carries and other things you can transport your cat with.
Cat Books - Books about cats are an excellent source of information for cat lovers who want to learn more about cats - we have books requirements for your cat, about kittens and book with advice.

Pet Furniture

Pet Furniture - Here at Dubai Pet Food we have a large selection of pet furniture in many different styles to a large variety of home styles. For instance, if you live a little vintage-ish and have either a cat or a dog, our D & D Pet-Box is a perfect investment. This furniture has an old-fashioned and cool look. The product is made of solid round MDF sheets covered with PU leather and handles are made of solid rope.


Aquatics - Everything you need for your aquarium whether freshwater or saltwater is available together with the expert advice needed. We have a wide range of aquariums, food supplies, decor and other accessories.
Aquariums - Everything in aquariums - whether you are looking to set up with freshwater or saltwater. We have UAE's largest range available together with the expert advice needed to get a sucessfull start. We have a wide range of aquariums in all sizes and prices.
Equipment - We have all what you need for your aquarium equipment, from filters, lightening, pupms to heaters. We stock brands like JBL, Dymax and TMC.
Aqua Scaping & Decor - Make your beloved fish feel at home with our quality decoration accessories. We offer different kind of plants, stones, artificial corals and rocks, all to make your fish feel comfortable.
Plant Care - Remember to take good care of your aquarium plants. Our wide range offers your high quality products, accessories and tools that makes it easy for you and fresh for the fish.
Additives & Conditioners - Conditioners and additives offer a convenient solution to maintaining ideal aquarium water parameters. Choose from our wide selection of water conditioners for use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. We have JBL, Fritz, Seachem, Dulpa and Caribsea in stock!
Medications - We have a huge selection of medications products.
Food - Find the right food for your fish. We offer brands like JBL, Novo Fex, 3F, RUTO and Gamma, for both fresh water- and pond fish.
Ponds & Pools - See our huge selection of ponds & pools.
Books & Guides - Books about fishes are an excellent source of information for fish lovers who want to learn more about fishes - we have books requirements for your fish and book with advice.
Cleaning Tools - We have cleaning tools for any aquariums.
Live Aquarium Plants - Dubaipetfood.com stock a large range of Live freshwater plants but as availability changes from shipment to shipment, we will stock what is available.

Aquarium Projects and Maintenance service

Aquarium Projects and Maintenance Service - Here at The Pet Shop we specialize in aquarium design, manufacture and installation. Along with the building of your aquarium we also offer aquarium maintenance of both fresh water and marine aquariums allowing you to sit back and enjoy your view of the underwater world without even having to get your hands wet.


Equestrian - Dubaipetfood if official outlet for Horze products in Dubai (UAE) - We stock everything from socks, helmets, breeches, tallboots, jodhpurs to rugs, saddelpads, bridles, bits, leads and much more
Horse - Need a new rug, saddle pad or bit? Dubaipetfood.com stock rugs, horsecare products, supplements, saddle pads, bridles, bits, boots, grooming products and horse shampoo, flyprotection, tackcare products and much more.
Horserider - Rider apparel and equestrian clothing in high quality at low price. We have something for all, regardless if you are new to the horseworld or you been in the business for a long time.
Stable - All the horse gear you did not know you needed; Rugs, stable equipment, halters & leads, horse treats, tackcare products and transport gear.
B//Vertigo - Find B//Vertigo breeches, shirts, horse gear and more in our shop.


Birds supplies - We stock a large range of bird items for all bird types; Amazones, Macaws, African Gray, Conures, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, budgies and diffrent softbills like; Finches, Canaries, Toucans and Mynahs.
Bird Feed - We stock a large range of quality bird food for all bird types; Macaw, African Gray, Conures, Amazons,Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds and diffrent softbills like; Finches, Canaries, Toucans and Mynahs. We stock brands like Harrison, Zupreem, Lafeber, Beaphar, Padovan
Supplements - We stock a large range of quality supplements for bird food.
Bird Treats - We stock a large range of bird treats for different types of birds.
Bird Toys - We have a large range of toys for birds.
Healthcare - We stock a range of bird healthcare products within parasit control, nailcare, woundcare, eyecare and feathercare.
Bird accessories - Give your bird the best home with a pratical and light cage, toys that can challange and entertain, padovans to hide inn and most important, healthcare products to make sure your beloved bird is clean and calm.
Wild Birds - See our huge selection of products for wild birds.

Small Pets

Small Pets - We stock a large range for rodents and ferrets. Cages, hutches, food, timothy hay, alfalfa, treats, chews, toys, flea and tick control, woundcare products, chinchilla bathing sand, bedding and litter. Everything you need to care for your small friend.
Food - Dubaipetfood.com stock food, treats and supplements for Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Hamster, Gerbil and Ferret.
Bedding - Find high quality pet bedding at Dubaipetfood.com for your small pets! Are you looking for bedding, pet litter or terra wood? We have what you need to create a comfortable home for your little beloved pet!
Chew - The large teeth in the back of the mouth can overgrow. Especially if the animal is not offered sufficient high fiber foods like hay! In nature, rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas are continually chewing on something
Carriers - Do you need to transfer your little friend from one place to another? Or maybe travel? If you are looking for small pets carrier, you are at the right place! We offer a big range of small carriers, where your pet can feel safe!
Grooming - Regular grooming is an essential part of owning af small pet like a rabbit, guinea pigs and so on! Not only for the cosmetic benefits, but ensuring your pet's hair is trimmed, their nails clipped and ears clean is important for their well-being and happiness.
Cages - We have a lot of cages for small pets. Find cages to rabbits, guinea pigs and so on.
Cleaning - We have a huge selection of cleaning products for cages and so on.
Inside Cage - See our huge selection of inside cages for small pets.
Outside Cage - See our huge selection of outside cages for small pets.
Small Pet Toys - See our huge selection of toys for small pets.
Small Pets Books - See our huge selection of books about small pets.
By Pet - We stock a large range of food, treats and toys for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils and other rodents. We also stock permium ferret food, ferret treats and accessories. 

Amphibians & More

Amphibians & More - Everything you need for your reptile and amphibian. We have a wide range of terrariums, food supplies, terrarium decos and other accessories.
Decor - Do you need decor for your terrarium? We have everything for terrariums.
Dishes - We have a lot of different dishes for your reptiles.
Food - See our huge selection of food for reptiles.
Handling Equipment - Find Trixie feeding tweezers, hobby telescopic snake hook and a lot of other handling equipment.
Health & Hygiene - Find health & hygiene products for reptiles in our shop.
Heating - Find heat globes, thermo- & hygrometers and a lot other heating products in our shop.  
Humidity Equipment - See our huge selection of humidity equipment.
Lighting - Find lighting products for your terrarium.
Reptile Books - Do you want to know more about reptiles? See our huge selection of books about reptiles.
Terrariums - We have terrariums in many different shapes and sizes. See our huge selection of terrariums.
Turtle Tubs - See our huge selection of turtle tubs.
Various - Various products for reptiles.


Please check our OFFER ZONE section on our webpage where we always offer special deals on a variety of products. 

Shop by brand

Shop by brand - We have a wide selection of quality products across world famous & exclusive brands. We have got everything to cover for your pet's daily needs. We offer fast & convenient deliveries.


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