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CO2 systems


The two basic requirements for healthy aquarium plants are light and proper CO2 levels. As plants develop, they use up their existing supply of CO2. Installing a CO2 system is essential to prevent low CO2 levels and to maintain active plant growth. Choose from our selection of CO2 systems from brands as Dymax, Ista and JBL.
  • <B>Ista - Aluminium CO2 Cylinder</B> (1L)
    Quality aluminum cylinders add a professional and elegant look to your aquarium set up.
    Ista’s CO2 cylinders safety standards are approved by Technical Inspection Association (TUV).
  • <B>Ista - Precise CO2 Pressure Reduce Regulator </B>
    Product Features
    - Air tight design. Easy assembling, no tools required in fastening the CO2 cylinder.
    - Extremely precise processing of the control needle valve which assures the reliability and accuracy in CO2 dosing.
    - Pressure reduced design to provide most stable and reliable pressure output.
  • <B>Ista CO2 Indicator</B>
    Product Features:
    - Allows you to monitor the CO2 level in your tank .
    - Unique design prevents any chance of spilling the indicator solution.
    - Reusable color chart sticker allows the constant repositioning of the position of the label on the aquarium.
  • <B>JBL - Proflora Count Safe</B>
    To monitor the added CO₂ Quantity (bubble count). Check valve prevents backflow into the CO₂ unit. Can be mounted outside the aquarium.
  • Aqua Medic - Bubble counter Plus
    Aqua Medic Bubble counter Plus is use with CO² systems for the supply of water plants. With this Bubble Counter Plus you can simply and safely monitor the dosage of CO2 gas in your aquaria. It has an integrated valve that prevents water to backflow, as well as a robust holding plate that enables easy fixing to the outside of the aquarium.
  • Aqua Medic - CO2 Pipe 4-6 mm, 5 meter
    Aqua Medic CO2 Pipe is a special hose for use with CO2 systems. The hose is gas-tight and can be used for all CO2 systems with 4/6 mm diameter hose connection. The length is 5m.
  • Aqua Medic - M-ventil Eco
    The Aqua Medic M-ventil Eco is an Electronic shut-off valve for CO2. The M-ventil Eco is a quality valve with pressure fittings for 6mm flexible hose with a maximum operating pressure of 1 bar. The power consumption is only 5 watts of electrical energy to prevent overheating. The valve can be connected to the corresponding CO2 units. In conjunction with a pH controller, automatic control of the CO2 supply and pH can be achieved. If used with a timer, the valve will provide a night shut off system.
  • Aqua Medic - M-ventil Standard Nickel Plated 1/8" (2.5 watts)
    Aqua Medic M-Ventil Standard has a high quality nickel plated brass body with a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar, pressure fittings for 6mm flexible hose and can be connected to all our CO2 units. The solenoid coil consumes only 2.5 watts of electrical energy to prevent overheating.
  • Aqua Medic - Reactor Compact
    Aqua Medic Reactor Compact is CO²-reactor with integrated non-return valve and bubble counter for aquaria up to 200 liters.
  • Aqua Medic - Regular Mini
    is a small, compact CO2 pressure regulator with bottle pressure sight glass and needle valve for use with CO2 bottles (thread: DIN 477 - W21.8 x 1/14 "). integrated needle ensures very fine regulation of CO2 bubbles. Components made of metal ensure long service life and safe operation.
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