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CO2 systems


The two basic requirements for healthy aquarium plants are light and proper CO2 levels. As plants develop, they use up their existing supply of CO2. Installing a CO2 system is essential to prevent low CO2 levels and to maintain active plant growth. Choose from our selection of CO2 systems from brands as Dymax, Ista and JBL.
  • <B>Dymax - CO2 Glass Atomizer</B> (Size S)
    Glass atomizer/diffuser(small) to introduce CO2 to the aquarium
  • <B>Ista - Aluminium CO2 Cylinder</B> (1L)
    Quality aluminum cylinders add a professional and elegant look to your aquarium set up.
    Ista’s CO2 cylinders safety standards are approved by Technical Inspection Association (TUV).
  • <B>Ista - Precise CO2 Pressure Reduce Regulator </B>
    Product Features
    - Air tight design. Easy assembling, no tools required in fastening the CO2 cylinder.
    - Extremely precise processing of the control needle valve which assures the reliability and accuracy in CO2 dosing.
    - Pressure reduced design to provide most stable and reliable pressure output.
  • <B>JBL - Proflora m603</B>
    CO2 fertilizer system with 500 g refillable cylinder & pH control instrument

    The pH control instrument automatically regulates CO2 supply and adjust the pH level

    Complete system with:
    - 500 g CO2 Bottle with standing foot,
    - Pressure Regulator,
    - CO2-Diffusion Reactor JBL typhoon 270 mm,
    - 2 meters of CO2 tubing ,
    - Non Return Valve,
    - CO2/pH-Permanent-Test,
    - Includes the new Proflora CO2 pH controller (probe not included - sold separately)
  • <B>JBL - Proflora Taifun Extend</B>
    CO2 diffusor extension
  • <B>JBL - ProFlora u95</B>
    Pressurised bottle with 95 g CO2 (carbon dioxide). Suitable for JBL ProFlora u201 fertilizer system.
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