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Compact fluorescent

  • <B>Dymax Compact Fluorescent Lamp - Blue/White</B> (36W)
    High performance compact fluorescent bulb
  • <B>Dymax Compact Fluorescent Lamp - Pink/White</B>
    High performance compact fluorescent bulb to aid plant growth
  • <B>Dymax Compact Fluorescent Lamp - White</B>
    High performance compact fluorescent bulb

    Comes in:
    18W - AED 35
    36W - AED 37
    55W - AED 43
  • <B>Juwel Twin Lite PL4 Day - 15 W</B>
    The patented JUWEL Twin-Lite Vio 40 15W technology has been specially developed for use in small aquariums and is perfectly tailored to the size of the Vio and Korall aquariums by JUWEL. JUWEL Twin-Lite lights provide extensive luminosity for these aquariums and promote the growth of even the most demanding plants.

  • <B>Juwel Twin Lite PL5 Day - 20 W</B>
    JUWEL Twin-Lite lighting technology is innovative, highly-effective lighting technology for small aquariums.
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