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Cooling Aid


The weather in UAE is always tough on pets - especially for the playful ones who prefer to persist in their frolics despite the heat. At Dubai Petfood you can find cooling mats, cooling vests and fluid replacements. 
  • <B>Trixie - Cooling Vest for Dogs</B>
    Note: Item is slightly dirty. Can't be returned and exchanged.

    Keep you dog cool on the summer walkies! Cooling vest for dogs made of highly absorbent PVA
  • <B>Trixie - Cooling Bandana for Dogs</B>
    Chill out and look cool ! Bandana with cooling abilities for dogs made of highly absorbent PVA
  • <B>Koolcollar Large Black w/ Kooltube</B>
    Keep you dog cool in the Dubai summer with Koolcollars.

    Size: 24" - 30,5"
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Pool</B> (120cm)
    The Trixie Dog Pool is a great way to help your dog to cool down on hot days. Made of a durable plastic, the sides of the pool are stable without the need for inflatable parts.
    With a non-slip surface, you can be sure your dog can have fun without skidding about. Featuring a drain valve, it’s easy to empty the pool and clean. Your pet will enjoy himself very much.
  • <B>Koolcollar Refill Kooltubes - Medium</B> (3pcs)
    Refill for indoor use of the Koolcollars.
  • <B>Koolcollar Refill Kooltubes - Small</B> (3pcs)
    Refill for indoor use of the Koolcollars.
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