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Coral & Reef Food

  • Aqua Medic - Coral Fit (210g)
    The Aqua Medic Coral fit is a natural coral food suitable for SPS, LPS and soft chorales. Growth, polyps and staining are positively influenced by the regular use of Coral fit. Coral fit contains shelled artemia eggs; you can smell a slight smell of chlorine due to the process of shelling but it is completely harmless.
    AED75.00 60.00
  • Vitalis - LPS Coral Pellets 1.5mm (50g)
    The Vitalis LPS Coral Pellets is a complementary food for all large sized polyp stony corals. This LPS Coral Pellets has been specially formulated to suit the immediate feeding mechanisms of huge polyp stony corals, which frequently lives in deep water and depend less on photosynthesis to meet their healthful needs. The little sizes of these pellets make them perfect for those corals which trap suspended particulate matte that can be normally found on coral reefs.

    AED52.00 44.20
  • Vitalis - SPS Coral Food Micro (40g)
    A complementary feed for small polyp stony corals.
    AED52.00 44.20
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