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Coral & Reef Food

  • <B>Polyp Lab - Reef Roids</B> (60g)
    Reef-Roids from Polyp Lab is a specially engineered coral food to enhance the growth and coloration of your reef corals.

  • Ingredients: Marine planktons containing a species of zooplankton unique to Reef-Roids

  • Formulated to minimize water degradation

  • Feed all filter feeding corals such as Goniopora, Zoanthids, mushrooms

  • Particle size: 150-200 microns
  • AED150.00
  • Aqua Medic - Coral Fit (210g)
    The Aqua Medic Coral fit is a natural coral food suitable for SPS, LPS and soft chorales. Growth, polyps and staining are positively influenced by the regular use of Coral fit. Coral fit contains shelled artemia eggs; you can smell a slight smell of chlorine due to the process of shelling but it is completely harmless.
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