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  • <B>Dermoscent - Essential 6 spot on for Cats</B> (4pc)
    Essential 6 spot on is the first multi-function skin care solution available.

  • <B>Dermoscent Bio Balm - Skin protection and healing</B> (50ml)
    Bio Balm has an immediate soothing and calming effect. Bio Balm helps healing wounds, treating "red feet" in allergic dogs and as a skin balm in dogs with deep skin folds. Based on 100% natural extracts. Developed by veterinarians.
  • <B>Dermoscent Easy Essential Mousse for Cats</B> (150ml)
    Dermoscent Essential Mousse eliminates dirt without rinse; helps diminishing irritations; deodorizes & moisturizes; restores the hydrolipidic film; favors cutaneous ecosystem balance and contributes to cutaneous comfort improvement of dogs and cats.

  • <B>Dermoscent Aromacalm Collar - CAT</B> (max. 35cm)
    Recommended for cats presenting skin diseases/conditions due to stress or allergies. Also a complementary care to all dermatological treatments in alleviating the state of stress of the cat.
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