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Dog Generation Paris

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  • <B>Dog Generation - Anti-Itching Shampoo</B> (250 ml)
    Dog Generation anti-itching shampoo is a professional dog shampoo base on the combination of essential oils of juniper, tea tree, and lavender which can effectively fight itchiness. This shampoo helps promote natural wound healing due to its antiseptic and soothing characteristics. It also helps dogs with damaged and rough coats to restore back the smoothness and softness of their coat.
  • <B>Dog Generation - Cat Essential Shampoo</B> (250 ml)
    This Dog Generation Cat Essential Shampoo based on Argan oil is intended for felines with a particularly sumptuous coat. The Argan oil fortifies and strengthens the coat while cleansing it deep down to its roots. This shampoo will keep your cat moisturized and hydrated. It is paraben free and also contains a conditioning effect that softens the coat and helps to untangle.
  • <B>Dog Generation - Ear care Lotion</B> (100ml)
    This product of Dog Generation is an anti-inflammatory ear cleaner for dogs and cats. It is very rich in vitamins A and E. It also contains sweet almond oil that nourishes and hydrates while gently cleaning your pets sensitive areas. The anti-inflammatory properties also help fight against many skin problems. This Ear care lotion is very gentle on your pet's ears and it does not contain perfume.
  • <B>Dog Generation - Smooth Coco Conditioner</B> (250ml)
    The Dog Generation Smooth Coco is a professional grooming conditioner enriched with coconut oil. This conditioner is free of paraben and will nourished, hydrates and moisturize your pets hair and skin making it easy for you to comb their hair.
  • <B>Dog Generation - Tawny and Brown Coat Shampoo</B> (250ml)
    The Dog Generation Tawny and Brown Coat Shampoo is ideal for brownish and dark colored canines. Created on the basis of henna and carrot oil, which intensifies a wide range of coat color reflections and helps with the smoothness of your pet's hair, at the same time thickens their hair roots. It's free of paraben and it can easily be rinsed off, leaving a scent of freshness on your dog.
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