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Dog Goody Bag


Wants to reward your dog for being a good boy (or girl)? Find dog goody bags and reward your dog at Dubaipetfood.com!
  • <B>Mikki - Fun Tricks Kit</B>
    Kit to assist you in training of your dog (Basic like sit, down, come and heel AND fun tricks like shake hands, spin around, crawl, close the door)

  • <B>Mikki - Puppy Training Kit</B>
    Kit to assist you in basic puppy training (like sit, down, come and heel)

  • <B>Trixie - Dog Activity Baggy</B>
    Durable nylon/polyester treat bag with clip for easy attaching to a belt.

    Available in:
    Medium - AED 22
    Large - AED 25
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Activity Mini Snack Bag</B> (7x9cm)
    Mini sized snack bag - small enough to bring anywhere and big enough to hold a training sections rewards.
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