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Dog Goody Bag


Wants to reward your dog for being a good boy (or girl)? Find dog goody bags and reward your dog at Dubaipetfood.com!
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Activity Baggy 2in1 Snack Bag</B>
    Keeps pockets and cloth free of stains and smells from treats. Include dirt bag dispenser (preloaded with 20bags) Multiple features!
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Activity Baggy</B> (8x10cm)
    Durable nylon/polyester treat bag with clip for easy attaching to a belt.
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Activity Mini Snack Bag</B> (7x9cm)
    Mini sized snack bag - small enough to bring anywhere and big enough to hold a training sections rewards.
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Activity Multi Belt</B>
    Durable polyester belt with multiple pockets and compartments, plus special leash attachment. Ideal for walking, jogging and trekking with your dog.
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Silicone Snack Bag (13×11cm)
    Avoid greasy treats in your pocket, or fumbling when you have the need to reward your pet with a treat. Take with you always the Trixie Silicone Snack Bag. This treat bag is made of hard-wearing silicone, which is a very great on-the-go pouch for your doggy's treats.

    Fill it with your dogs favorite treat, hook the clip onto your belt and alas! you're good to go. It's hygienic, very easy to clean and comes in various colors too.
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