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Dog Rocks (200g)

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Product no.: 101-454-001
Save your lawn from yellow patches in the grass! A 100% Natural Australian product.

How to use: A single piece of dog rock should be kept into a maximum of 2 litres of water to get the best results. Dog Rocks® need to be replaced every 2 month months for optimal results.

Dog Rocks® are a new and effective way to prevention of unsightly yellow patches in the lawns, due to dogs in the household. Using Dog Rocks® is a real solution to a traditional problem faced by dog owners who wish to keep their beautiful lawn and keep the dog!

Dog Rocks® are nothing but partly artificially optimized natural products, and are absolutely safe for use with all kind of dogs, irrespective of their age. Dog Rocks® work just perfectly with all ages of dogs, whether its puppies or juveniles, or even the older dogs. Once you start using Dog Rocks®, it can take up to 5 weeks to see results, but some see result after only 4 days.
Dog rocks
The main ingredient in Dog Rocks® is a substance called Zeolite. This mineral discards the ammonia and nitrate compounds from the water by filtering these components out. Zeolite is used in aquariums to perform a similar function. It reduces the nitrogen levels of the water without affecting the pH content. This is very crucial because any changes in pH level of the water a dog drinks can have adverse implications on the general health of the dog.

Dog Rocks have been widely tested on a big range of different breeds (of all ages) with great results in all the tests. It has been confirmed as being very safe and extremely effective, all at the same time. also for other household pets.

Note: In case your dog has a high protein diet (like most grain-free diets), it will tend to have a high nitrogen content in its urine. The reason being, when proteins break down in the body, they release various nitrogen compounds. Dog Rocks absorb just enough of that for it to not kill the grass when urinated on. Therefore, Dog Rocks can become quite useless if a dog is fed high protein meals on a regular basis.

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