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Dog Supplies

Dubai Pet Food offers all kinds of dog supplies.  Our wide selection of dog supplies is delivered straight to your door, across the UAE, seven days a week. We have a huge range of high-quality dog supplies such as dog food - both dry dog food kibbles and wet dog food. Our wide selection of dog supplies also includes items such as dog treats, dog accessories, dog beds, bowls, kennels, dog shampoo, and dog food supplements.

Dog Supplies For All of Your Dog's Needs

As a proud dog owner or a future one, you might know that dogs’ needs change while they are growing up.  Our store offers you the best dog supplies that will make your dog’s life much better – from the day they are born until adults. Your dogs will need many supplies, which is why we are always here to help you make the best decision. We care about your pets and believe the journey and life experiences with your dog should be some of your best moments.

Missing Out on Nutrients and Minerals

When owners hear the words dog food, they typically think of a big bag or a brown canned mixture. But while packaged food could be great for your dog, many dog owners are changing to a homemade diet for their pets. Despite the fact that there are plenty of advantages to feeding your dog a holistic, raw food diet, some foods are missing essential nutrients and minerals. Including nutritional dog supplement for might prove to be a worthy addition to your pet's diet. It is simple for a dog owner to forget, discount or merely ignore an essential element in the foods they get ready for their pets. 

Large Variety of Dog Supplies and Supplements

While dogs love getting tired after engaging activities, reduced energy might be a sign that your dogs are missing out some of the needed food supplements. You can change that by altering diets or adding nutritional dog supplements. Although dogs aren't nearly as healthful and full of energy as animals in the wild, a dog's levels of energy and resistance system get negatively impacted by a number of reasons. Such could also be the lack of numerous dog supplements and supplies. For that reason, we are offering you a wide range of different dog supplies - dry food, wet food, dog chews & treats, dog grooming, dog health care, dog bed, dog toys, dog training supplies and much more.

Huge Selection of Dog Supplies - Best Brands in the World

We offer the best dog supplies from some of the most well-known brands. In our webshop, you will always find the best dog supplies. Our wide range of dog supplies offers pet products from brands like Royal Canin, Artemis, Bobby, Drinkwell, KONG, Alessi, Petmate, Frontline, Pethead, Savic and much more. Both in our physical and our online stores you will find some of the highest quality dog products, as well as useful information about the best brands for these dog supplies.

Most dog owners know that your dog's life can be prolonged with the right treatment. Ensure that by checking out some of the best dog supplies we have:

Dry Food for Dogs

Dry food kibbles are an easy and fast solution to your dog's hunger. Choose some of the best brands we offer and you make sure your dog never stays hungry. Finding the right food for your dog can be hard, but you shouldn't worry because we’re here to help!

Wet Food for Dogs

Check out our wide selection of wet food that can ensure your dogs are getting the best they want and need. You can find additional information about the products and brand below each one of them. If you are not sure what to choose - we are always available to help.

Dog Chews & Treats

What a better way to reward your dog for that run you two took? Most owners are aware that dogs, just like babies, need chews for their teeth. Here you can pick some among the best dog supplies - rawhide chews, grain-free chews, all natural dog free chews, and much more. Our products fit dogs of all ages, and we can guarantee that your furry friend will love them.

Dog Grooming

Make sure your dog's fur is always healthy and groomed - it will catch everyone's eyes. Here you will find everything you need for grooming your cute puppy or big furry friend. Shop dog claw scissors, dog brushes, dog flea killers, dog shampoo, dog wipes, dog eye and ear care products and more.

Dog Healthcare

Make sure your dogs never have any health-related problems that can be easily avoided by adding a simple ingredient to their diets. Add valuable items to your dog's everyday life such as dog anti-stress care, dog cooling aid, dental care for dogs, digestion aid for dogs, dog joint support, dog skincare, dog wound care, dog tick and fleas products and more.

Dog Collars & Leashes

Be a proud dog owner by always having your pet beside you. Our dog collars and leashes will aid you in the process of leash training. By providing a variety of different styles, sizes, materials, we have ensured you the comfort of choosing the right collar with the right purpose be it functional, fashionable, or both. Since there are factors that you need to take into consideration, we are always here to assist you in the purchase of the perfect collar or leash.

Dog Accessories

In our dog supplies section, we offer you a wide selection of accessories. Buy new dog bowls or feeders, dog fountains, dog faucets and waterers, dog hygiene products, safety blockages, dog doors and more! You are always welcome to contact us about any of our items.

Dog Beds

Ensuring your dogs get a recovering good night's sleep will have great effects on their overall energy levels and health. Having the right dog bed can always provide that. Pick the right size, shape, and material for your dog's needs. Choose among dog beds, dog baskets, dog cushions, dog blankets, dog orthopedic products and much more.

Dog Toys

Hey, your dogs want to have fun too. Either you want to play with your dogs, or let them entertain themselves, you will find the right items here. Our dog toys collection includes items that will both engage your dog's mind and help them be physically active.

Dog Training

We love when our dogs listen to us, and we are here to help you with that. Not training your dog could cause it to turn into a much wilder pet after the "sweet puppy" period is gone. In our stores, you are always welcome to purchase some of the best dog training supplies that will guide you into making your friend truly follow your lead. Purchase items such as dog bark control, dog agility gear, dog boots, dog agility gear, or whole dog training kits, and much more.

Dog Travel Accessories

Fit all of your dog's needed equipment on your next journey. Take a look at our wide selection of various dog travel accessories that you can use even tomorrow. Yes, you don't have to worry if you have an upcoming journey. To get them delivered to your door tomorrow just make an order for more than 100 AED.

Pet Tags

Your dogs live to be your best friends. Show them your love by attaching fun or luxury dog tags to their collars. You can choose from products like pet charms, plain dog tags, glitter enamel dog tag, or dog tag with Swarovski crystals.

Dog Apparel

Who said fashion is only for people? From our dog apparel section you can pick new shoes, clothes, and harnesses - your dog loves getting them. Here you will find a range variation of products, all of which fit our customer's slides. You can easily decide what to pick from the dog footwear, dog functional apparel, and pet clothing. And in the case where you aren't able to do so - we are always here to help - just contact us or find us in our store.

Dog Signs and Calendars

If you are looking for misc dog items, you've come to the right place. In our slection of dog sings and calendars, you will find items from how to become a better dog owner to dog stickers and magnets.We have ensured you will be satisfied by the number and types of signs and calendars. Pick from types of the dog calendar, books for dogs, dog magnets, and similar warning signs.

You can find our products in both our webshop and our physical store.

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