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Dog's Stuff Grooming

Dog's Stuff has been established for many years and has a comprehensive group of many premium and specialised grooming products. The products are used by exhibitors at dog shows, professional groomers as well as pet owners. 
Dog's Stuff contains natural ingredients, plant extracts and oils to provide an effective, safe and enviromentally sound product range. Reown for targeting the needs of individual skin types Dog's Stuff products are all naturally blended and are guaranteed not to harm your pet. The Dog's Stuff range is also safe to use on cats as well as kittens and puppies from 6 weeks of age!

  • <B>Dog's Stuff - Coat Balsam</B> (200ml)
    Ideal for Poodles, Bichons and short coated breeds. Do not soften the coat.

    Dog's Stuff recommend that you dilute 1 part conditioner to 4 parts water before use, otherwise you will get a lot of wastage.
    40.00 AED
  • <B>Dog's Stuff - Detangling Spray</B> (200ml)
    The right way to combat tangles in the coat of dogs and cat over 6 weeks of age.
    50.00 AED
  • <B>Dog's Stuff - Extra Volume Shampoo</B> (200ml)
    Suitable for short to long-haired coats, adds volume and keeps the coat pretty and in style.

    This shampoo also safe to use on cats as well as kittens and puppies from 6 weeks of age.
    45.00 AED
  • <B>Dog's Stuff - Shine Care Spray</B> (200ml)
    Alcohol-free spray for use of various skin & coat problems, like dandruff.
    60.00 AED
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