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Cat doors open a new world of freedom for both you and your cat. You will no longer have to play doorman for your cat every time your kitty needs to go out! If you have never thought about getting a cat door, take a look at our selection of different cat doors! 
  • <B>SureFlap - Cat Flap with Microchip ID Model 38530</B> (White)
    Keep unwanted cat out! All pets can go out, but only cats or dogs with corresponding microchip can come in again.

    With microchip identification or RFID collar tag (available separately)
  • <B>PetSafe - Aluminum Pet Door</B> (White)
    Strong dog door for more boisterous pets! White finish.
    For door mounting.

    Available in:
    Small (up to 7kg pet)
    Medium (up to 18kg)
    Large (Up to 45kg)
    XLarge (Up to 100kg)
  • <B>Trixie - Tunnel element for Model 3869</B>
    Additional tunnel element for Trixie - 4 Way Electromagnetic Cat Flap Model 3869.
  • Trixie - Grey 4 Way Cat Flap for Glass Door (27x26cm)
    This 4 Way locking Cat Flap from Trixie is especially designed for Glass Doors. It is ideal for fitting in a single glazed windows and doors.
  • <B>PetSafe - Original 2 Way Pet Door</B> (White)
    3 sizes to choose among.

    Available in:
    Small (up to 7kg pet)
    Medium (up to 18kg)
    Large (Up to 45kg dog) -

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