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Pet doors give your dog more independence. Find the right door for your dog by size and type. You can also find dog collar with a magnetic key so it only allow your pet to enter the door. 
  • <B>Trixie - 2 Way Cat Flap Model 38603</B> (Brown)
    Simple cat door for internal and external use. Fits most door types (not glass) thicker than 13mm.

    Give your pet access to any room in the house, even when the door is shut with Trixie - 2 Way Cat Flap. The draft-resistant, durable plastic frame and silent action transparent door flap make it a perfect fit for the garage, laundry, or litter box room door. Restrict access using the special sealing and magnetic closure with 2-way safety lock.
  • <B>Trixie - 2 Way Dog Flap model 3878</B> (S-M)
    Simple door for outer and inner doors. With flexible transparent flap with silent action.

    Suitable for small to medium breeds
  • <B>Trixie - 4-way Electromagnetic Cat Flap</B> (White)
    Keeps foreign pets outside, separating by magnet attached to your cat or small dogs collar.
  • <B>SureFlap - Cat Flap with Microchip ID Model 38530</B> (White)
    Keep unwanted cat out! All pets can go out, but only cats or dogs with corresponding microchip can come in again.

    With microchip identification or RFID collar tag (available separately)
  • <B>SureFlap - Cat Flap with Microchip ID Model 38550</B> (White)
    Entrance and exit times can be programmed to avoid the cat or small dog going out at night or other hours. Can handle up to 32 cats.

    With microchip identification or RFID collar tag (1 tag is included)
  • <B>SureFlap - Mounting Adaptor for Model 38530/38540</B>
    Allows mounting in glass doors and openings with diameters of 21–26 cm
  • <B>PetSafe - Aluminum Pet Door</B> (White)
    Strong dog door for more boisterous pets! White finish.
    For door mounting.

    Available in:
    Small (up to 7kg pet)
    Medium (up to 18kg)
    Large (Up to 45kg)
    XLarge (Up to 100kg)
  • <B>PetSafe - Original 2 Way Pet Door</B> (White)
    3 sizes to choose among.

    Available in:
    Small (up to 7kg pet)
    Medium (up to 18kg)
    Large (Up to 45kg dog) -

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