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Dosing & Auto Top-Up


Dosing and Auto Top-up pumps offer you an easy way to keep up with the maintenance of your aquarium! Dosing pumps allow you to supplement trace elements, calcium, magnesium and other additives to your aquarium in a controlled way. Auto-top up pumps are used to replace tank water lost to evaporation, allowing you to maintain a more stable aquarium enviroment!
  • <B>TMC - V_Auto Top Up System</B> (1 float switch)
    Safe, low voltage auto top-up system incorporating a high quality float switch. Ideal for topping up evaporated water in both marine and freshwater aquariums.
    Simple to install using the unique mounting bracket which incorporates a locking suction cup, float switch guard and a securing clamp to hold top-up hosing in place.
    Supplied complete with an energy efficient 3.5w 12v DC pump capable of 200 l/hr (max head 2m) and 2m of 6mm/9mm flexible top-up hosing.
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