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Dry Food

  • <B>Padovan Gammarus</B>
    Dried freshwater shrimps (Gammarus pulex - aquatic invertebrates)

    100ml - AED 13
    250ml - AED 21
    1liter - AED 69
  • <B>JBL - Gammarus</B>
    Natural food for turtles. Made from carefully dried water fleas, a favorite food of all water tortoises.

    Available in:
    250ml - AED 21
    1L - AED 68.25
  • <B>JBL Agil</B>
    For all kinds of aquatic and water turtle. Food sticks rich in fish & shrimp proteins. Contains lysin for bone growth.

    Available in:
    250ml - AED 27.50
    1L - AED 79
  • <B>JBL Agivert</B>
    Premium food for tortoises. 100% vegetable food sticks.

    Rich in Meadow Herbs.

    Available in:
    250ml - AED 26.25
    1L - AED 73.50
  • <B>JBL Iguvert</B>
    Complete food for iguanas & other plant-eating reptiles. With natural fruit aroma & plant raw materials.

    Available in:
    250ml - AED 26.25
    1L - AED 73.50
  • <B>Padovan - Shrimp</B> (1L)
    Large dried shrimps for water turtles. Approx 1-3cm in length.

    Suitable for:
  • Large aquatic turtles
  • Large freshwater fish
  • Marine aquarium fish
  • Invertebrates
  • AED53.00
  • <B>Burgess Excel - Mountain Meadow Herbs</B> (120g)
    It can be used as snack or delicious topping on Excel Tasty Nuggets. Delicious mix of aromatic herbs and flowers, including calming chamomile.

    A complementary healthy snacks for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals.
  • <B>Duvo - Meal Worms</B> (200g)
    Dried Meal worms retain much of their nutrients in the drying process and are high in protein. Dried worms last much longer than live worms and are easily stored until needed.
  • <B>Fish Science Turtle and Terrapin Food</B>
    FishScience Turtle and Terrapin food is a carefully formulated blend of food sticks, and sun dried gammarus and shrimp. The natural ingredients in this food are eagerly consumed by all turtles and terrapins and provide them with a nutritionally balanced diet to keep them healthy and active.
  • <B>JBL Pro Baby Turtle</B> (100ml)
    High Protein, Vitamin Enriched Staple Food for Baby Turtles
  • <B>JBL Rugil</B> (100ml)
    Pellet Diet for Young Turtles. Rich in Wheatgerm and Fish for Healthy Growth
  • <B>JBL Turtle Food</B> (100ml)
    A Simple Staple Food Suitable for All Aquatic Turtles
  • <B>JurassiDiet - Gutload</B> (50g)
    Premium Food for Feeder Insects - Full of rich vitamins and minerals to ensure the good health of your Pet!
    Best if used in conjunction with Jurassi Quench.

  • <B>Padovan - Herbal Treats Erba Medica</B> (270g)
    A supplementary food for all herbivorous rodents, Tortoises and Iguanas.

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