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Dry Wash


Cats hates to get wet. Humans hates the scratching, chasing, crysing and dripping cat. With Dubai petfood's selection of dry wash products you can wash and moisturizes your cat without using water - problem solved!
  • <B>Dermoscent Easy Essential Mousse for Cats</B> (150ml)
    Dermoscent Essential Mousse eliminates dirt without rinse; helps diminishing irritations; deodorizes & moisturizes; restores the hydrolipidic film; favors cutaneous ecosystem balance and contributes to cutaneous comfort improvement of dogs and cats.

  • <B>Pet Head - Dry Clean Spray for cats</B> (450ml)
    Waterless spray shampoo for cats.

    Scented like Blueberry Muffins!
  • <B>Pet Head - Dry Clean Spray</B> (450ml)
    For dogs and cats! Waterless spray shampoo. Perfect for holidays, pets who hate bath time or just a quick fresh-up between baths. And like all Pet Head formulas, Dry Clean is pH adjusted and free of paraben, petroleum derivatives, sulfate and DEA.

    Scented like Blueberry Muffins!
  • <B>Pet Head - Fizzy Kitty Mousse</B> (200ml)
    The best way to go if you’re on the go and in a hurry (or cat's in a hurry not to get cleaned) Appropriate for cats from 4-6 months of age.

    Strawberry Lemonade scent.
  • <B>earthbath Grooming Foam for Cats - Green Tea</B> (4oz)
    Gentle cleansers wisk away dander, dirt and residual saliva, helping reduce human/cat allergies and leaving the coat with a plush, show-quality shine. Helps control shedding too! Safe for all cats over 6 weeks.
  • <B>Beaphar - Grooming Powder for Cats</B> (150g)
    Bea Grooming Powder for cats cleans and freshens the coat without the use of water. Powder the cat, rubbing the powder gently into the coat against the natural hair growth. Brush well, removing excessive powder out of the coat.
  • Tropiclean - SPA Comfort Cologne (236ml)
    This distinctive fragrance resembles relaxing sophistication. Lavender calms the soul while kiwi soothes the skin.

    Scent of lavender, kiwi & white tea.
  • Tropiclean - SPA Renew Cologne (236ml)
    Gentle refreshing aromatherapy to pamper your pet. Invigorating fresh scent that will last for days.

    Scent with ginger roots and pink grapefruit
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